RUNNERS OF THE YEAR	see complete season

Matt Fitch        Ruben Mora-Roman
	Matt Fitch 		    Ruben Mora-Roman
    Montgomery, Junior		      Analy, Senior

       NBL Champion		      SCL Champion
    31st in state D-1		   28th in state D-3
       2nd NCS D-1		      4th NCS D-3

FIRST TEAM	see partial season

K.C. Cody           Steven Cozza
       K.C. Cody		   Steven Cozza
   Montgomery, Junior		 Petaluma, Senior
3rd in NBL, 6th NCS D-1	    	 Ninth in NCS D-3

Tim Quiroga        J.K. Withers
     Tim Quiroga		    J.K. Withers
  Ukiah, Sophomore	      Cardinal Newman, Junior
4th in NBL, 4th NCS D-2	    	   Fifth in NBL


Mike Becker, Casa Grande, Sophomore
Fourth in SCL, 9th NCS D-2

Kelly Clark, Willits, Senior
CMC Champion, 3rd NCS D-3

Kevin Correa, El Molino, Junior
Second in SCL

Andrew Gallagher, Montgomery, Senior
Seventh in NBL, 17th NCS D-1

Chris Gardina, Piner, Senior
Sixth in NBL

Eddy McFarlin, Santa Rosa, Junior
Second in NBL, 10th NCS D-2

Ben Seisdedos, Healdsburg, Senior
Fifth in SCL, 5th NCS D-4

Silas Stafford, Santa Rosa, Junior
Eight in NBL, 12th NCS D-2


Galen Aymar, Cardinal Newman, Junior
11th NCS D-4

Michael Brew, Maria Carrillo, Freshman
9th NBL

Javier Cabrera, Casa Grande, Senior
10th SCL

Alex Conley, Montgomery, Sophomore
10th NBL

Daniel Dry, El Molino, Senior
8th SCL

Michael Feraco-Eberle, Analy, Senior
6th SCL

Dylan Hosey, Petaluma, Senior
7th SCL

Chris Knight, Santa Rosa, Senior
15th NBL

Regan Masi, Montgomery, Senior
14th NBL

Ian Messier, Casa Grande, Senior
9th SCL

Steven Nopola, Santa Rosa, Senior
27th NCS D-2

Daniel Sock, Ukiah, Senior
13th NBL

Zac Stein, Santa Rosa, Junior
16th NBL	

Jonathan Teeter, El Molino, Sophomore
3rd SCL

Brian Whitley, Maria Carrillo, Junior
12th NBL

Lorenzo Womack, Rancho Cotate, Junior
46th NCS D-1

Mike Wortman, Rancho Cotate, Senior
11th NBL


RUNNER OF THE YEAR	see complete season

Phyllis Blanchard

Phyllis Blanchard, Rancho Cotate, Junior
NCS Champion, fourth in state D-1.

FIRST TEAM	see complete season

Kim Conley            Kim Handel
     Kim Conley		    	     Kim Handel
 Montgomery, Junior		 Montgomery, Senior
   Ninth in state, 		   Second in NCS, 
3rd NCS D-2, 5th NBL	      14th in state D-2, 4th NBL

Shelby Leland            Ashton LeSieur
   Shelby Leland		     Ashton LeSieur
   Ukiah, Junior		 Casa Grande, Sophomore
   Second in NBL, 		      SCL Champion, 
12th in state, 2nd NCS D-1	41st in state, 5th NCS D-2

Amy Robinson
   Amy Robinson
Maria Carrillo, Sophomore
NBL Champion, 21st in state, 4th NCS D-2

SECOND TEAM	see partial season

Julianne Baker, Maria Carrillo, Senior
Eight in NBL, 12th NCS D-2

Renee Chaffin, Sonoma Valley, Junior
Second in SCL, 33rd NCS D-2

Emma Conley, Montgomery, Sophomore
Sixth in NBL, 8th NCS, 38th in state D-2.

Ashlee Drady, Maria Carrillo, Senior
12th NBL, 16th NCS D-2

Kristin Fladseth, Maria Carrillo, Sophomore
Ninth in NBL, 17th NCS D-2

Kelly Lane, Ursuline, Junior
Seventh in NBL, 24th in state, 8th NCS D-4

Caitlyn Pilkington, St. Vincent, Sophomore
CMC Champion, 18th in state, 4th NCS D-5

Kelly Rogers, Healdsburg, Senior
Fifth in SCL

Christy Sweaney, Montgomery, Junior
11th NBL, 18th NCS D-2

Marissa Walsh, Montgomery, Sophomore
Tenth in NBL


Amanda Atkinson, Healdsburg, Freshman
4th SCL,12th NCS D-4

Kate Blake, Montgomery, Sophomore
15th NBL, 38th NCS D-2

Carina Hendricks, Montgomery, Junior
16th NBL, 31st NCS D-2

Angela Kabanuck, Casa Grande, Senior
3rd SCL

Megan Mullin, Ukiah, Sophomore
14th NBL, 7th NCS D-1

Nora Sorentino, Santa Rosa, Sophomore
13th NBL, 17th NCS D-1

Jacqui Vance, Petaluma, Senior
6th SCL, 20th NCS D-3


Meghan Boes, Maria Carrillo, Junior
20th NBL

Kendra Cheney, Maria Carrillo, Sophomore
19th NBL, 46th NCS D-2

Jen Clouse, Ursuline, Senior
22nd NBL & NCS D-4

Jen DeGennaro, Ursuline, Sophomore
23rd NBL, 25th NCS D-4

Meredith Duvarado, Santa Rosa Christian, Senior
2nd CMC, 13th NCS D-5

Juliana Helleskov, Santa Rosa, Senior
28th NBL, 44th NCS D-1

Leslie Hirshfield, Santa Rosa Christian, Junior
3rd CMC, 18th NCS D-5

Mary Shibata, Ukiah, Junior
18th NBL, 16th NCS D-1

Elysa Strunin, Santa Rosa, Freshman
17th NBL, 22nd NCS D-1

Mollie Zapata, Petaluma, Sophomore
7th SCL, 35th NCS D-3


Josh Dorris

Josh Dorris, Montgomery
Both teams won NBL titles 
and earned state berths