2002 Empire Boys

Runner of the Year Log

Matt Fitch vs. Ruben Mora-Roman

If these two had had even one head-to-head race in October or November 
the top runner for 2002 would have gone to that winner.
But unlike the girls, who had many head-to-head races, these two only 
met twice all year, both races in September, and they split those.
The rest of their seasons did little to seperate the two of them. 

As mentioned head-to-head is a big factor. Not that its much but Fitch 
gets a minute edge in that category as his win was in a more impressive 
meet, an Invitational, vereses the low key pre-season meet for Mora-
Roman's win. Mora-Roman's win was the last meeting of the two.

Both won their League Finals and all of their league meets. Fitch's 
NBL Final race was a tougher meet to win than Mora-Roman's SCL, but 
Mora-Roman keeps even with Fitch here by virtue of dominating all of 
the SCL races he ran and not coasting to any easy wins.

Fitch gets an edge in prestegious meets won North Bay League Finals, 
Serra Crystal Springs & Rancho Cotate Invitational.
Mora-Roman evens that out with a number of course records set.

Here is the actual won lose records.


Fitch vs. Mora-Roman

Sep. 25: 6 team: Pre-season Meet at Spring Lake
Mora-Roman 	1st-15:56
Fitch 		3rd-16:38

Sep. 6: 12 team: Rancho Cotate Invitational
Fitch		1st-14:24
Mora-Roman 	3rd-14:44

plus time comparisons for State, NCS & Viking Opener

Fitch 3-2 Mora-Roman


North Bay League Finals
Serra Crystal Springs Invitational
Rancho Cotate Invitational
plus four tri-meets

Sonoma County League Finals
Viking Opener Senior race
plus five tri-meets


11/30 State	D-I		D-III

Fitch		31-16:02 
Mora-Roman			28-16:20 

11/23 NCS	D-I		D-III

Fitch		2-15:21
Cody		6-15:53
Mora-Roman			4-16:02 

11/13 Sonoma County League Finals

Mora-Roman 	1st-15:51

11/8 North Bay League Finals

Fitch 		1st-15:53

11/6 League Meets

Mora-Roman 	1st vs Healdsburg

10/30 League Meets

Fitch		1st vs Santa Rosa, Elsie Allen
Mora-Roman 	1st vs Petaluma, El Molino

10/23 League Meets

Fitch		1st vs Cardinal Newman, Maria Carrillo
Mora-Roman 	1st vs Casa Grande

10/19 Mariner Invitational

Fitch    	5th 

10/16 League Meets

Fitch		1st vs Ukiah 
Mora-Roman 	1st vs Sonoma, Windsor

10/12 Serra Crystal Springs Invitational

Fitch		1st 

10/9 League Meets

Fitch		1st vs Rancho Cotate, Piner 

9/28 Artichoke Invitational 

Mora-Roman 	3rd

9/28 Stanford Invitational
Fitch 		18th 

9/25 Meet

Mora-Roman 	1-15:56
Withers		2-16:05
Fitch 		3-16:38

9/21 Iolani Invitational

Cody		8th
Fitch		9th 

9/18  Meets

Cody & Fitch 15:27, ? Fitch 2nd 

9/14 Viking Opener
		Sr	Jr		
Withers			1-10:20
Cody			2-10:22
Mora-Roman 	1-10:23
Fitch 			3-10:25

9/6 Rancho Cotate Invitational

Fitch		1-14:24
Cody		2-14:30
Mora-Roman 	3-14:44