Why there on Honorable Mention

The Honorable Mention list is not like the first two teams. It is not a third team.
This is the group of athletes that were looked at to be considered for the first two teams.
The beginning criteria were kids who did one of the following things during the year.

Placed in the top 8 at the NCS MOC meet.
Placed in the top 3 at NCS Redwood meet or won at the NCS 1A.
Won at their league finals or placed in the top 3 if that competition was of a very high quality .
Won at an Invitational.
Had one of the top 5 marks in the Empire for 2003.

This brought the list to over 150 athletes.
The reason this is not a third team is that it is very possible for a large number of other 
athletes to have had better seasons, overall, than some of the kids who are on the 
Honorable Mention list that met one of these criteria, yet they are not on the list.