James Withers
Cardinal Newman, Senior

North Bay League Champion
8th state meet division IV
2nd NCS meet division IV

James Withers

FIRST TEAM	see season records

Mike Becker
Casa Grande, junior
SCL Champion, 14th NCS D-2

Michael Brew
Maria Carrillo, sophomore
5th NBL, 67th D-2 state, 10th NCS

K.C. Cody
Montgomery, senior
third in NBL

Matt Fitch
Montgomery, senior, 
4th NBL, 13th NCS D-2

Eddy McFarlin
Santa Rosa, senior
7th in NBL, 9th NCS D-2, 61st state

Silas Stafford
Santa Rosa, senior
6th in NBL, 7th NCS D-2, 60th state

Jonathan Teeter
El Molino, junior
second SCL

Dawit Tesfasilassie
Piner, junior
15th NCS D-3

Tim Quiroga
Ukiah, junior
second in NBL

Christian Yungert
St. Vincent, senior
CMC Champion, 15th D-5 state


Ryan Aldridge, Maria Carrillo, sophomore
113th D-2 state

Galen Aymar, Cardinal Newman, senior
9th NBL, 57th D-4 state, 5th NCS

Kevin Correa, El Molino, senior
3rd in SCL, 19th NCS D-3

Tim Cumbo, Cardinal Newman, junior
98th D-2 state

Eric Hadland, Maria Carrillo, senior
10th NBL, 92nd D-2 state, 16th NCS

Diego Moulton, Maria Carrillo, sophomore
11th NBL, 89th D-2 state, 19th NCS

Brain Whitley, Maria Carrillo, senior
8th NBL, 80th D-2 state, 18th NCS

Alex Wolf-Root, Maria Carrillo, junior
12th NBL, 115th D-2 state, 21st NCS



Phyllis Blanchard, Rancho Cotate, Senior
North Bay League Champion
Fourth in state meet division II

Phyllis Blanchard
Sep. 5 Blanchard kicked of the 2003 Cross Country season 
at the Rancho Cotate Invitational. 

FIRST TEAM	see season records

Kim Conley		    
Montgomery, Senior		 
6th D-2 state, 2nd NCS, 2nd NBL

Shelby Leland
Ukiah, senior
3rd in NBL, 27th D-2 state, 6th NCS

Ashton LeSieur
Casa Grande, junior
SCL Champion, 41st in state, 14th NCS D-2

Amy Robinson
Maria Carrillo, junior
4th NBL, 16th D-2 state, 7th NCS


Amanda Atkinson, Healdsburg, sophomore
3rd SCL, 46th D-4 state, 5th NCS

Renee Chaffin, Sonoma Valley, senior
4th in SCL

Lea Deluca, Analy, freshman
second SCL, 27th NCS D-3

Kristin Fladseth, Maria Carrillo, junior
8th in NBL, 26th NCS D-2

Leanne Fogg, Maria Carrillo, freshman
7th NBL, 64th D-2 state, 16th NCS

Kelly Lane, Ursuline, senior
9th NBL, 48th D-2 state, 8th NCS

Lindsay Moylan, Santa Rosa, junior
10th NBL, 20th NCS D-2

Megan Mullin, Ukiah, junior
40th NCS D-2

Mariele Ponticello, Ursuline, freshman
11th NBL, 59th D-4 state, 11th NCS

Shannon Rich, Rancho Cotate, freshman
12th NBL, 37th NCS D-2

Kristin Sanzari, Maria Carrillo, freshman
5th NBL, 99th D-2 state, 23rd NCS

Christy Sweaney, Montgomery, senior
6th NBL

Coach of the year: 
Dan Aldridge, Maria Carrillo & 
Pat LaFortune, Cardinal Newman, 
Both teams state meet qualifiers.