Coastal Mountain Conference Championships

From PD

At Trailside County Park in Middletown, the Willits boys team won the league title, 
while Willits and Cloverdale tied for the girls championship.
Brian Cole of St. Helena set a course record with a time of 15:49, but Willits set 
the pace to win the team title in the rain.
Junior Julia Malvino led the way for Middletown, finishing the three-mile course in 20:24, 
two seconds off her own course record. Cheyenne Waldman finished second for Willits with 
a time of 20:52.

From Harry Skandera
Coach, SRC

The Varsity Boys' race matched soph phenom Brian Cole against state meet veteran Jeff Jackson.  
Jackson took the first mile out in under 5 minute pace with the speedy Cole doggedly following 
on his heels. Despite all efforts of Jackson to open up a gap, the St. Helena harrier stayed 
on his shoulder until with 1/3 of a mile to go Cole exploded into a devastating kick to finish 
with a 23 second margin.  The course was flat on winding level trails.  It had rained 
intermittenly for the previous 24 hours, leaving large puddles and some slick footing at spots 
along the course.
    The footing and weather was to the liking of the Willits Wolverines as they turned back the 
challenge of the Santa Rosa Christian Lions to cap an undefeated CMC dual meet season with the 
Conference Meet Championship.  Santa Rosa Christian finished 2nd in the Conference Meet as well 
as 2nd in the dual meet season.  Rincon Valley Christian finished third with defending champion 
Ft. Bragg in 4th.  
    The Girls' competition was equally exciting with 4 teams vying for the top spot.  Cloverdale, 
with 2 losses during the regular season edged Willits in the Conference finale to earn 
a co-championship.  St. Vincent's edged Santa Rosa Christian for third place.  Julia Malvino of 
Middletown, scored a convincing win over Cheyenne Waldmann who finished runner up for the 2nd 
year in a row.  
    The JV race was won by Santa Rosa Christian in a close meet with Willits.  Skip Volpert from 
Tomales was the individual champion.  
    The CMC teams now prepare for the sectional finals at Hayward on November 20th.  Willits 
will attempt to qualify for State in Division IV.   Santa Rosa Christian, Cloverdale, St. Vincent's 
and Rincon Valley Christian will try to finish
in the top 4 in Division V to qualify for the state meet in Fresno.  


Willits 38, Santa Rosa Christian 64, Rincon Valley 86, 
Ft. Bragg 117, St. Vincent 125, Calistoga 166, 
Kelseyville 174, Lower Lake 175, Middletown 239, Clear Lake 259, 
Cloverdale inc., St. Helena inc., Tomales inc.

1.  Brian Cole    St. Helena              15:49(course Record)
2.  Jeff Jackson  Santa Rosa Christian    16:12
3.  Mike Perez    Lower Lake              16:55
4.  Alex Boyles   Kelseyville             17:04
5.  Chase Smith   Cloverdale              17:19
6.  Alex Bowlds   Willits                 17:24
7.  Sam Carey     Willits                 17:25
8.  Ken Smith     Willits                 17:27
9.  Zach Nave     SRC                     17:29
10. J. Atkinson   St. Vincent's           17:35
11. N. Huckaba    RVC                     17:42
12. J. Schwartz   RVC                     17:54
13. K. Merritt    Willits                 17:55
14. J. Mehtan     Willits                 18:03

Cloverdale 60, Willits 74, St. Vincent 103, 
Santa Rosa Christian 105, Ft. Bragg 120, Rincon Valley 124, 
Middletown 141, Kelseyville 177, Lower Lake 222, 
Tomales inc., St. Helena inc., Calistoga inc., Clear Lake inc.

1.  Julia Malvino     Middletown               20:24(New course Record)
2.  Cheyenne Waldman  Willits                  20:52
3.  Sarah Hughes      Willits                  21:16
4.  Roseann Davis     Willits                  21:20
5.  Jen Miller        Cloverdale               21:22
6.  Jessica Rentz     Cloverdale               21:33
7.  Theresa Vegher    St. Vincent's            22:05
8.  Anna Aquilina     Santa Rosa Christian     22:13
9.  Danielle Kershner Ft. Bragg                22:21
10. Suzanne Albers    Calistoga                22:34
11. Jasmine Lampert   Cloverdale               22:38
12. Hannah Crouse     RVC                      22:41
13. Sarah Zalusky     Kelseyville              22:44
14. Angelica Barrera  Ft. Bragg                22:51

Junior Varsity Boys

Santa Rosa Christian 25, Willits 32

1.  Skip Volpert            Tomales                    19:03
2.  Jarrod Sutton        Santa Rosa Christian  19:44
3.  Nathan Campbell    Willits                        20:19
4.  John Diekmann        SRC                           20:37
5.  Dane Schindler        SRC                          20:59