2004 Boys Season Summary

The chart below shows the majority of the meets during the 2004 season.
The order of the names listed are not in order of ranking within a team. They are in order 
of times run at the NCS Championships which was a starting point, but obviously not an 
overwelming factor of final place. 
The NCS and league finals played the biggest factor in rankings but the entire season is 
looked at in making the final selections.
The "HONORABLE MENTION" team is not a third team.
Those listed in HONORABLE MENTION had races during the year where they beat runners on the 
first or second team and their season was examined to see if they belonged on one of the 
first two teams. This also means that there are probably other runners this season who had 
better seasons than those on the HONORABLE MENTION group who are not listed.
Letters, A, B, C, are added to some of the meets to help show who was racing against who. 
Where the letter S is used the meet was held on Spring lakes 2.97 mile course.
? are used when I do not know if they ran that day or not.
---- are used when I am pretty sure they did not run.

Meet                State  NCS   Finals   11/3    10/27   10/20   Invit. 10/13   Invit. 10/6 Invit.  9/29    Stanf Septo    Viking   Ed S. RC

Tesfasilassie   Pin 15:57 15:21  1N15:31  ------- 1A13:46 1A17:40 2Mari. 1S15:44                     1D15:45 16:04 1S15:53  1Sr10:17 10:49
Becker        CG    16:25 15:55  1S16:04  1D16:14 2E16:02 1E15:20        1E17:15 8CV                 2D16:43 17:15 4S16:42
Conley          Mon 16:50 15:57  7N16:25  1S16:31 1B15:05 2A19:05 18BV   6s16:59             H12:26          17:17          5Sr10:41       16:14
Cole        SH      16:24 15:59  1C       1G17:30 1H16:11                1G18:00
Wolf-Root       MC  16:39 16:06  2N16:08  3A15:55 4A14:23                2s16:27                     2A16:24 17:03 3S16:38                 15:04
Brew            MC  17:04 16:09  3N16:14  1A15:49 2A14:10                1s16:20                     1A16:23 17:00 2S16:33           10:58 14:54
Jackson	    SRC     16:48 16:31  2C       1H16:21 2H16:23 1G14:07        1H16:46        1H                         1C16:17  9Sr10:59       15:22
Quiroga       He    ----- 16:40  2S16:07  1E15:01 1E15:50 1D14:52        1D15:50                             17:32 1B16:07  3Sr10:33       15:15

Machi         He    17:47 16:14  4S16:29  3E16:03 3E16:50 3D15:39        4D16:5                                            10Sr11:05
Ensign          MC  17:02 16:15  5N16:18  2A15:52 3A14:15                3s16:28                     3A16:27 17:27 5S16:46                 15:24
Perez       LL      17:17 16:16  3C       2G18:01 1G15:53 2G14:22        2H17:06        1G           1G17:55       1D17:50  1Jr10:46
Teeter        EM    ----- 16:34  3S16:25  2E15:40 2D15:50 2E15:31                                    1S16:32       1A15:17  8Sr10:54
Moulton         MC  17:08 16:37  6N16:25  4A15:56 7A14:42                                            6A16:29 17:25 7S17:01                 16:38
Stephens      An    ----- 16:37  5S16:59  1F15:13 1D15:31 2D15:11        2E17:37             H12:38  3S17:09       2A15:24  4Sr10:40       15:56

McDowall        Mon ----- 16:40  8N16:30  3S16:45 2B15:16 6A19:34 44BV   7s17:25             H12:40  5S17:28                3So11:07       16:08
Aldridge        MC  17:44 16:51 2JV17:16  ?NOT10  6A14:38                5s16:55                     5A16:29 17:24 6S16:59                 16:04
Cumbo           MC  17:45 16:55  4N16:16  5A16:01 8A14:43                9s18:02                     8A16:52                         11:23 15:38
Vann            CN  ----- 17:00   ?       7A16:28 1C16:51 3A19:13 get    1A17:07                     7A16:30      10S17:10  2Jr10:56       16:10,13th
Inman         CG    ----- 17:01 10S17:16  2D17:19 4E17:14 4E16:19        3E17:51                                  16S18:07 17Sr11:47
Roth            MC  17:32 17:04  9N16:42  6A16:04 5A14:33                4s16:49                     4A:1628 17:35 8S17:01                 15:29
Hidalgo         RC  ----- 17:05 18N17:42  ?NOT10  6B15:53
Cutcher         Mon ----- 17:08 10N16:47  4S16:49 3B15:22 4A19:21 35BV   8s17:28             H12:51  4S17:11                5So11:19 11:42 16:25
LeMaitre-Roberts SR ----- 17:09 11N16:53  2S16:43 2C17:03                2S17:05                     3D17:30       9S17:09  3Jr11:03       16:10,12th
Winkler         SR  ----- 17:13 12N16:55  5S16:51 3C17:07                3S17:34                     4D17:34 17:54 11S17:31 4So11:15       16:27
Raines        Pet   ----- 17:18  9S17:09  2F15:36 1F19:47 3E16:13        2D16:35             H13:07  9A17:00      12S17:44                 16:17
Smith       Wil     ----- 17:24  5C       5I20:25 4G17:22 ?NOT5                                      3G19:51 19:11          29Fr12:07
Cannon-Reese  An    ----- 17:25 11S17:18  6F16:11 ?NOT5  11D16:41        7E19:08                    14S18:14       7A16:56  18So11:47      17:40
Prescott      An    ----- 17:26  6S17:02  3F15:51 3D15:56 4D15:49        4E17:55 11JV                2S17:08       3A15:46  11So11:29      16:20

Bowlds      Wil                  6c               5G17:43                                            4G19:59 19:35          21Jr11:55
Murphy        He          18:42  7S17:03  4E16:13 6E17:33                3D16:39                     6S17:31 18:43           7Jr11:31      16:06
Simpkins ?p   An          18:15  8S17:08  5F16:03 ?NOT5   7D15:56        9E19:15 12JV        H13:34 11S17:46       11A17:11 17Jr11:45      17:32
Dunn            SR        17:40 13N17:17  6S17:31 6C17:46                7S18:55	             7D18:12 19:20 20S18:19 24Jr12:06      16:49,27th
Siebert       An                12S17:20  4F16:02 4D16:09 5D15:51        5E18:15 39cv        H13:22  9S17:42        6A16:27 16Jr11:44      17:07
Bertolli        CN        17:55 14N17:25  9A16:37 5C17:40 7A19:58 get    2A17:52                    11A17:08 18:01 13S17:45 12Sr11:17      16:49,26th
Herman          RC        17:40 15N17:25  ?NOT10  ?NOT10                                             7S17:33        4A16:11 12Jr11:41      16:22
Withers         CN        17:42 16N17:32  ?NOT10  4C17:24 5A19:25 get    4A18:05                    10A17:08 18:04 14S17:47 12Fr11:33      17:28
Hall            Mon       18:30 17N17:41  8S17:37 ?NOT10 10A20:15 75BV  11s18:54             H13:29 15S18:15                 5Jr11:19      17:18
Prange          SR        18:11 19N17:48 12S18:08 8C18:02                4S18:26                     5D17:37 18:48 17S18:12 18Sr11:51      16:32
Perry           Mon       18:21 20N17:48  9S17:37 4B15:38 9A20:14 73BV  10s18:20             H13:19 13S17:49                               17:05
Ross            SR        17:49 21N17:48  7S17:34 7C17:47                                            8D18:13

Nave        SRC           17:55           3H18:03 ?NOT5   4G15:05                       3H                                  23Fr12:01      18:34
Karrman         MC                        8A16:35 JV1A15:16

?NOT10 not listed in top 10