Santa Rosa All City Meet
Weather was quite nice unless you long or triple jumped. 
No wind gage but unusual crosswinds in the wrong direction.  
About 70 at the beginning of the meet at 5:30 to about 48 at the end of the meet.			
Wind was only mild this time. We got lucky for once. No Wind Readings for the meet.			
The Santa Rosa All City Meet is exclulsively for schools within the city limits of Santa Rosa.  
Each team gets 2 entrants into the meet regardless of mark.  
There is a waiting list for athletes to get into the meet because many schools don't 
enter their 2.  So the best overall athletes get into the meet.			
Suzanne Howard of Santa Rosa was named outstanding Female athlete of the meet and 			
Chris McCloskey of Santa Rosa was named outstanding male athlete of the meet.			
Team Scores:	
Maria Carrillo	166		
Montgomery	139		
Santa Rosa	130		
Ursuline	33		
Santa Rosa Christian 28		
Piner		28		
Sonoma Academy	22		
Elsie Allen	10		
Santa Rosa	200		
Cardinal Newman	125		
Montgomery	67		
Maria Carrillo	63		
Santa Rosa Christian 40		
Piner		37		
Elsie Allen	8		
Sonoma Academy	0		
Girls 4 x 800m Relay		
Ursuline		10:56.29	
Santa Rosa		11:01.28	
Boys 4 x 800m Relay			
Santa Rosa A		8:48.71	
Maria Carrillo 		8:53.75	
Santa Rosa B		9:18.74	
Montgomery		9:40.71	
Santa Rosa Christian	10:16.55	
Boys 110mh			
Chris McCloskey	 Santa Rosa  	 15.56, Prep best
Andrew Codagnone Cardinal Newman 15.82	
David Kelly	 Cardinal Newman 16.94	
Nelson Le	 Piner		 18.87	
Daniel Carver	 Santa Rosa Christian 19.29	
Randy Zaldana	 Piner		 20.15	
Jemal Williams	 Sonoma Academy	 21.76	
Girls 100H			
Suzanne Howard	Santa Rosa  	14.90, Prep best
Rachel Agostini	Montgomery	17.33	
Hayley Johnson	Maria Carrillo	17.78	
Jordan Schalich	Santa Rosa  	18.38	
Caitlyn Keith	Montgomery	19.08	
Nicole Ahern	Piner		19.73	
Catherine Smith	Santa Rosa Christian 20.97	
Chaz Kern	Piner		21.30	
Girls 100m			
Suzanne Howard	Santa Rosa  	12.99	
Alyssa Page	Montgomery	13.15	
Gina Sferra	Montgomery	13.30	
Kassie Russell	Maria Carrillo	13.32	
Jenna Belengino	Elsie Allen	13.35	
Ryley Johnson	Sonoma Academy	13.67	
Jessica Blinman	Ursuline	14.09	
Cassie Brandalick Piner		14.12	
Breanna Dillabough Elsie Allen	14.27	
Anita Prum	Piner		14.57	
Janae Dedrick	Maria Carrillo	14.58	
Boys 100m			
Robbie Marsh	Santa Rosa  	11.29	
David Dinh	Santa Rosa  	11.43	
Max Pond	Cardinal Newman	11.71	
Wyatt North	Cardinal Newman	11.73	
C J Jervan	Santa Rosa  	11.81	
Charles Schindler Santa Rosa Christian 11.90	
Abdiel Lopez	Elsie Allen	12.16	
Andrew Florh	Piner		12.21	
Girls 4 x 2 Relay			
Maria Carrillo		1:51.23	
Santa Rosa		1:56.71	
Ursuline A		1:56.82	
Montgomery A		1:56.99	
Piner A 		2:00.86	
Elsie Allen		2:01.90	
Ursuline B		2:05.88	
Piner B 		2:06.15	
Boys 4 x 2 Relay			
Cardinal Newman A	1:35.93, Prep best
Santa Rosa		1:40.68	
Piner B			1:46.93	
Cardinal Newman B	DQ	
Montgomery A		DQ	
Girls 1600m			
Lauren Curtin	Maria Carrillo	5:13.41	
Suzi Rozga	Santa Rosa	5:16.50	
Cara Curtin	Maria Carrillo	5:19.02	
Julie Nacouzi	Montgomery	5:29.06	
Faith Hall	Santa Rosa Christian 5:34.50, CMC leader
Margie Garza	Maria Carrillo	5:35.70	
Grace Hafner	Sonoma Academy	5:38.00	
Mikaela DeRousseau Maria Carrillo 5:40.81	
Jen Vucinich	Montgomery	5:47.60	
Alicia Lueth	Maria Carrillo	5:48.53	
Erin Clark	Ursuline	5:57.34	
Chelsey Solar	Santa Rosa Christian 6:01.91	
Bonnie Campbell	Sonoma Academy	6:03.86	
Blanca Martinez	Elsie Allen	6:49.36	
Boys 1600m			
Rory McLeod	Santa Rosa	4:23.10	
Zac Nave	Santa Rosa Christian 4:30.18	
Aria Kiani	Montgomery	4:32.04	
Grant Williams	Maria Carrillo	4:34.05	
Reesey Byers	Santa Rosa	4:38.43	
Jon Martindill	Montgomery	4:47.59	
James Ramirez	Maria Carrillo	4:49.221	
Bryan Barker	Maria Carrillo	5:06.13	
Austin Bartlett	Maria Carrillo	5:06.58	
Brandon Hicks	Santa Rosa Christian 5:08.03	
Jesse Lucia	Maria Carrillo	5:08.58	
Mike Zanetti	Montgomery	5:14.42	
Alex Mendoza	Piner		5:16.29	
Jacob Hocker	Piner		5:17.46	
Jonathan Izen	Sonoma Academy	5:25.58	
Girls 4 x 1 Relay			
Montgomery		52.34	
Maria Carrillo		52.40	
Santa Rosa		53.21	
Piner			57.04	
Ursuline		55.96	
Elsie Allen		57.73	
Boys 4 x 1 Relay			
Cardinal Newman		45.04	
Elsie Allen		49.29	
Piner			54.03	
Santa Rosa		DQ	
Girls 400m			
Jenna Lundgren	Maria Carrillo	60.06	
Cara Curtin	Maria Carrillo	60.78	
Heidi Hirvonen	Maria Carrillo	61.30	
Adrienne Borders Maria Carrillo	62.98	
Jamaeca Dedrick	Maria Carrillo	63.06	
Shannon Feeney	Santa Rosa  	63.70	
Andrea Hernandez Montgomery	65.33	
Rachel Monaghan	Montgomery	66.56	
Arin Guillory	Santa Rosa Christian 66.65	
Jackie Conroy	Ursuline	67.16	
Joanne Howard	Santa Rosa  	67.76	
Naea Kaluahine	Piner		69.41	
Aimee Weldon	Piner		71.78	
Boys 400m			
Kevin Donnelly	Montgomery	52.02	
Max Smith	Montgomery	52.67	
Dylan McBeth	Maria Carrillo	52.90	
Robert Musslewhite Cardinal Newman 53.40	
Dominick Triola	Maria Carrillo	53.92	
Robel Maekele	Montgomery	54.50	
Steven Enbysk	Elsie Allen	54.90	
Ryan Terry	Sonoma Academy	56.93	
Austin Hermosillo Santa Rosa  	58.77	
Russell Rodriguez Piner		60.50	
Girls 300mh			
Suzanne Howard	Santa Rosa  	47.20	
Nicole Ahern	Piner		52.62	
Rachel Agostini	Montgomery	53.27	
Caylie Seitz	Maria Carrillo	53.34	
Jordan Schalich	Santa Rosa	53.35	
Arin Guillory	Santa Rosa Christian 55.83	
Tami Lynch	Piner		57.65	
Boys 300mh			
Chris McCloskey	Santa Rosa	39.59, Prep best, #8 All-Time
Andrew Codagnone Cardinal Newman 41.40	
Tyler Baker	Maria Carrillo	42.27	
Mike Corley	Montgomery	43.55	
David Kelly	Cardinal Newman	45.95	
Daniel Carver	Santa Rosa Christian 46.95	
Randy Zaldana	Piner 		49.92	
Nelson Le	Piner 		51.13	
Bobby Brady	Santa Rosa Christian 51.96	
Girls 800m			
Lauren Curtin	Maria Carrillo	2:21.56, 48th All-Time
Celeste Berg	Montgomery	2:22.49	
Suzi Rozga	Santa Rosa	2:27.09	
Rosalyn DiLillo	Santa Rosa	2:29.98	
Julie Nacouzi	Montgomery	2:30.55	
Connie Noonan	Ursuline	2:37.99	
Faith Hall	Santa Rosa Christian 2:41.39	
Bonie Campbell	Sonoma Academy	2:44.56	
Camille Cooley	Ursuline	2:51.69	
Alex Ecker	Ursuline	2:52.96	
Boys 800m	Hand timed		
Joe Withers	Cardinal Newman	1:56.6, Prep best 32nd All-Time
Rory McLeod	Santa Rosa	2:01.2	
Zach Nave	Santa Rosa Christian 2:01.7, CMC leader	
Ryan Chodora	Santa Rosa	2:02.3	
Aria Kiani	Montgomery	2:07.1	
James Swearington Maria Carrillo 2:14.1	
Nick Lozada	Piner		2:15.7	
Ryan Terry	Sonoma Academy	2:22.0	
Brandon Larson	Piner		2:26.2	
Pat Conroy	Cardinal Newman	2:29.3	
Girls 200m			
Jenna Lundgren	Maria Carrillo	26.77	
Alyssa Page	Montgomery	26.96	
Ryley Johnson	Sonoma Academy	28.20	
Kassie Russell	Maria Carrillo	28.36	
Camy Pearson	Montgomery	28.43
Jenna Belengino	Elsie Allen	28.44	
Faith Hall	Santa Rosa Christian 29.89	
Jessic Blinman	Ursuline	29.98	
Askley Fike	Elsie Allen	30.87	
Aimee Weldon	Piner		31.09	
Boys 200m			
David Dinh	Santa Rosa	22.91	
Robbie Marsh	Santa Rosa	23.29	
Wyatt North	Cardinal Newman	24.13	
Trevor Smandra	Montgomery	24.23	
Charles Schindler Santa Rosa Christian 24.42	
Quentin Mendoza	Montgomery	24.54	
Steven Enbysk	Elsie Allen	25.10	
Abdiel Lopez	Elsie Allen	25.14	
Japh Burns	Piner		25.21	
Henry Cakebread	Sonoma Academy	28.30	
Girls 3200m			
Jordan Davis	Maria Carrillo		11:46.63	
Kasey Schalich	Piner			13:10.00	
Beka Jackson	Santa Rosa Christian	13:31.28	
Noelle Hosler	Santa Rosa Christian	13:36.27	
Boys 3200m			
Grant Williams	Maria Carrillo		9:51.50	
Reesey Byers	Santa Rosa		9:56.7	
Zach Nave	Santa Rosa Christian	10:30.02	
Gus Greenstein	Maria Carrillo		10:32.21	
Matt Taylor	Santa Rosa		10:30.32	
Kurt Wendler	Santa Rosa		10:42.59	
Chris Edwards	Santa Rosa		10:57.55	
Brandon Hicks	Santa Rosa Christian	11:10.11	
Alex Mendoza	Piner			11:52.62	
Jacob Hocker	Piner			11:36.39	
Girls 4 x 4 Relay			
Maria Carrillo		4:11.75	
Montgomery		4:18.52	
Santa Rosa		4:19.91	
Ursuline		4:35.12	
Piner			5:08.54	
Boys 4 x 4 Relay			
Montgomery		3:32.60, NBL leader
Cardinal Newman		3:33.71	
Santa Rosa		3:34.35	
Maria Carrillo		3:37.97	
Piner			4:01.47	
Girls Long Jump			
Ryley Johnson 	Sonoma Academy	16'5", CMC leader
Camy Pearson	Montgomery	15'0"	
Caylie Seitz	Maria Carrillo	14'6.75"	
Jordan Schalich	Santa Rosa	14'6,25"	
Tori Bruno	Santa Rosa	14'5.25"	
Emily Wilson	Maria Carrillo	14'5"	
Catherine Smith	Santa Rosa Christian 14'1.75"	
Cassie Brandalick Piner		13'1.75"	
Valerie Major	Piner		13'	
Theresa Kramer	Montgomery	12'4.5"	
Kelsie Boiyo	Ursuline	11'	
Maria Campos	Elsie Allen	10'11.25"	
Boys Long Jump			
Andrew Florh	Piner		19'8"	
Taylor McBeth	Maria Carrillo	19'4.5"	
Nick Stein	Santa Rosa	19'1.75"	
Steve Stone	Cardinal Newman	18'6.25"	
Nick Dengler	Maria Carrillo	18'5.5"	
Jamison Reeves	Cardinal Newman	18'4.75	
Japh Burns	Piner		17'11.75"	
Cameron Crosley	Santa Rosa	17'9.75	
Josh Codding	Santa Rosa	17'6.75"	
Jesse Huff	Montgomery	16.9.5"	
Jemal Williams 	Sonoma Academy	13'5"	
Girls Triple Jump			
Shannon Feeney	Santa Rosa	31'0"	
Jordan Schalich	Santa Rosa	29'11"	
Hayley Johnson	Maria Carrillo	28'5"	
Catherine Smith	Santa Rosa Christian 28'10"	
Emily Wilson	Maria Carrillo	28'1.5"	
Kerry Sweeney	Montgomery	26'6"	
Sintija Suboca	Santa Rosa Christian 26'5"	
Boys Triple Jump			
Nick Stein	Santa Rosa	39'5.25	
Andrew Florh	Piner		38'0"	
Cameron Crosley	Santa Rosa	37'.25"	
Nick Dengler	Maria Carrillo	36'6.75"	
Jesse Huff	Montgomery	36'2.5"	
Jamison Reeves	Cardinal Newman	35'2"	
Anthony Fernandez Cardinal Newman 35'.25"	
Girls High Jump			
Luisa McInnis	Montgomery	5'2"	
Julia Krikl	Maria Carrillo	5'0"	
Tori Bruno	Santa Rosa	4'6"	
Vistoria Buschman Elsie Allen	4'4"	
Jenna Hakola	Ursuline	4'4"	
Amber Seira	Montgomery	4'4"	
Tori Saic	Ursuline	4'2"	
Sintija Suboca	Santa Rosa Christian 4'0"	
Katie Clark	Santa Rosa Christian 4'0"	
Boys High Jump			
Nick Stein	Santa Rosa	5'8"	
Josh Codding	Santa Rosa	5'8"	
Steve Stone	Cardinal Newman	5'6"	
Jamison Reeves	Cardinal Newman	5'4"	
Quentin Mendoza	Montgomerey	5'4"	
Andrew Gianetto	Cardinal Newman	5'2"	
Girls Pole Vault			
Cheri McLean	Santa Rosa	10'3", Prep best, 10th All-Time
Mia Greenstein	Maria Carrillo	9'6" 	
Michelle Stone	Ursuline	9'0"	
Kate Lightfoot	Maria Carrillo	8'0" 	
Brenda Urueta	Maria Carrillo	7'6" 	
Elisha Codding	Santa Rosa	7'6"	
Rebecca McGillivary Santa Rosa	7'0"	
Katherine Wyatt	Montgomery	7'0"	
Christen Chalmers Montgomery	7'0"	
Boys Pole Vault			
Charles Schindler Santa Rosa Christian 12"0"	
Dan Grienke	Cardinal Newman	11'6"	
Brandon Hurd	Cardinal Newman	11'0"	
Sean Cassera	Santa Rosa	11'0"	
Josh Codding	Santa Rosa	10'6"	
Robo Okumo	Maria Carrillo	10'0"	
Girls Shot Put			
Corinne Rich	Montgomery	39'7.5"	
Luz Tejeda	Montgomery	33'6"	
Katrina Alonso	Maria Carrillo	28'5.5"	
Amber Seira	Montgomery	28'10"	
Colleen Noonan	Santa Rosa	28'0"	
Meagan Anderson	Ursuline	27'8"	
Caitlin Bower	Santa Rosa	27'3.75"	
Julie Brookfield Ursuline	26'7"	
Tallis Geohagen-Freifeld Santa Rosa 25'7.5"	
Katie Clark	Santa Rosa Christian 25'11"	
Carly Lynch	Piner		24'0"	
Duice Martinez	Elsie Allen	24'.5"	
Elizabeth Drauyawa Santa Rosa	23'10.5"	
Diana Espana	Elsie Allen	22"0"	
Lindsey Williamson Piner	21'3"	
Erica Contos	Santa Rosa	19'9"	
Boys Shot Put			
Troy Baker	Santa Rosa	47'4.75"	
Austin Davis	Cardinal Newman	45'7"	
Michael Guevarra Santa Rosa	44'4"	
Travis Baker	Santa Rosa	41'1.25"	
Christian Diaz	Maria Carrillo	40'4.25"	
Travis Lindgren	Santa Rosa	40'4.25	
Daniel Farris	Maria Carrillo	37'6.75"	
Alex Soto 	Piner		37'2.5"	
David Wilson	Montgomery	36'4.75"	
Matt Thiel	Santa Rosa	36'10.75"	
Robert Delgado	Montgomery	33'8.75"	
Rich Lopez	Elsie Allen	32.7"	
Gerado Garcia	Santa Rosa	29'11"	
Shane Auddis	Elsie Allen	28'6"	
Cody Francis	Santa Rosa Christian 28'10"	
Sergio Torres	Piner		27'10.25"	
Girls Discus			
Corinne Rich	Montgomery	126'11"	
Luz Tejeda	Montgomery	98'2"	
Colleen Noonan	Santa Rosa	91'3"	
Katrina Alonso	Maria Carrillo	90'6"	
Amber Seira	Montgomery	90'4"	
Caitlin Bower	Santa Rosa	86'3"	
Catherine Smith	Santa Rosa Christian 85'6"	
Julie Brookfield Ursuline	85'3"	
Katie Clark	Santa Rosa Christian 83'1"	
Stefan Lontz	Maria Carrillo	83'0"	
Elizabeth Drauyawa Santa Rosa	79'5"	
Duice Martinez	Elsie Allen	76'6"	
Jackie Balletto	Ursuline	75'7"	
Jacqueline Balletto Ursuline	75'7"	
Julie Brookfield Ursuline	75'3"	
Carly Lynch	Piner		70'5"	
Diana Espana	Elsie Allen	67'2"	
Naea Kaluahine	Piner		66'9"	
Tallis Geohagen-Freifeld Santa Rosa 52'7"	
Boys Discus			
Austin Davis	Cardinal Newman	156'6"	
Troy Baker	Santa Rosa	143'11"	
Travis Baker	Santa Rosa	140'7"	
Christian Diaz	Maria Carrillo	123'3"	
Travis Lindgren	Santa Rosa	121'3"	
Michael Guevarra Santa Rosa	108'8"	
Richard Sweeting Maria Carrillo	102'4"	
Alex Soto	Piner		99'5"	
Mariano Malvino	Montgomery	97'11"	
Matt Thiel	Santa Rosa	96'9"	
Gerado Garcia	Santa Rosa	94'8"	
Andrew Sousa	Cardinal Newman	85'10"	
Rich Lopez	Elsie Allen	83'7"	
David Wilson	Montgomery	80'0"	
Westin Schindler Santa Rosa Christian 77'11"	
Alex McMasters	Elsie Allen	74'11"