The race for number one

One pick super easy, one super hard.

First the easy one. 
Amongst empire runners Taylor was more dominate this year than even Sara Bei was 
in the year 2000 when she won the natonal championship. (Blame Amber Trotter for that.) 
Taylor had as close to a perfect season, verses her local rivals, as you can have. 
The only minor blip on her record was the Stanford Invite. when cross town rival Isabel 
Andrade ran eight seconds faster in her early morning division than Taylor ran later in 
the day in the Elite division. In their head to head meetings 35 seconds was about as 
close in any of their races as Andrade could come.

Now the boys were a whole different story. It doesn't get any closer than this.
Two boys, Rory McLeod and Sterling Lockert, had nearly mirror seasons, with two small
exceptions, which by the smallest of margins tilted the scale Lockert's way. The 
first of these came in the very first meet of the year. Normally an early season meet
like this would be more of a footnote, but as it turned out it would be their only
head to head race of the entire season. That meet was the Rancho Cotate Invitational
with the two battling for the championship and Lockert coming out on top by ten 
seconds. The two had three other meets running the same course on the same day with
McLeod clocking the faster time at State and Stanford and Lockert blazing at NCS.
Both won their league championships plus one other invite besides Rancho. Now the
Rancho meet alone gave Lockert a slight edge but the second acomplishment clinched it 
and that was being the only Empire boy to win an NCS individual crown this year.

The chart below shows their meets during the 2008 season.

2008 Boys Season Summary

STATE Lockert 15:31 8th III, lost by 23 seconds McLeod 15:30 18th II, lost by 29 seconds NCS Lockert 1st III 15:04, lost by 0 McLeod 3rd II 15:23, lost by 36 seconds League Lockert 1st SCL 15:08, won by 19 seconds McLeod 1st NBL 15:30, won by 12 seconds 11/5 Lockert DNC McLeod 1st dual 10/29 Lockert 1st dual, Course Record-Helen Putnam McLeod 1st dual Mt Sac Lockert DNC McLeod 15:15 3rd, lost by 3 seconds 10/22 Lockert 1st dual McLeod 1st dual 10/15 Lockert 1st dual McLeod 1st dual Invitational Lockert Clovis 13th, lost by 16 seconds McLeod Castro Valley 2nd, lost by 18 seconds Stanford Lockert 16:14 20th Seeded McLeod 16:11 7th II 9/17 Lockert Maria Carrillo Course Record McLeod Spring Lake 6th All-Time 15:15 Lockert Ed Sias 1st Small school division McLeod Viking 1st Sr division RC Invitational Lockert 15:11 1st, only head-to-head meeting McLeod 15:21 2nd