2009 Girls Season Summary

A look at the race for number one
Any other year these two would have been co-runners of the year.
But with the PD's new policy of only one runner of the year some hair splitting was needed. 
With two girls of national caliber in 2009 and those two splitting their head-to-head races 
4-4 it finally came down to picking a single moment to pick one. This year that moment was
the State Meet with Taylor earning the crown by less than a second.

Highlights in Reverse Chronological order 

10th Footlocker Regional
Won State Div. II, over Nacouzi
Won SCL Fianls
4th Mt. Sac sweepstakes race
Won Viking Opener, 13 seconds ahead of Nacouzi
Won Rancho Cotate Invitaional, 25 seconds ahead of Nacouzi
Won 3 Tri-meets
vs Nacouzi 4-4 in head to head races.

25th NATIONALS, 1:03 ahead of Taylor
8th Footlocker Regional, 4 seconds ahead of Taylor
2nd State Div. II, same time as Taylor
Won NCS Div. II, 16 seconds ahead of Taylor
Won NBL Finals
Won Clovis, fastest of all divisions
Won Stanford Div. II
Won Ed Sias large school, fastest of all divisions
Won 4 Tri-meets
vs Taylor 4-4 in head to head races.

Julie Nacouzi and Jacque Taylor
At Footlocker Regional.

Complete Reverse Chronological

Nacouzi 25th 18:15
Taylor  40th 19:18

Footlocker Regional
Nacouzi  8th 18:24
Taylor  10th 18:29

Taylor  1st II 17:29
Nacouzi 2nd II 17:29

Nacouzi 1st II 17:02
Taylor  2nd II 17:18

Taylor  1st SCL 17:15 
Nacouzi 1st NBL 17:24 

11/4 Tri 
Taylor  1st, Helen Putnam Park course record

10/27-28 Tri 
Nacouzi	1st
Taylor  1st

10/24 Invitational
Taylor 4th Mt. Sac sweepstakes race 17:32, 5th fastest of the day.

10/21 Tri 
Taylor  1st
Nacouzi	1st

10/14 Tri 
Nacouzi	1st
Taylor  DNC

10/10 Invitational
Nacouzi	1st Clovis, fastest of all divisions

10/7 Tri 
Nacouzi	offically 2nd to teammate Sarah Gallagher, same time

9/25-26 Stanford Invitational
Nacouzi 1st II      17:55  97 degrees
Taylor  10th Seeded 18:44 101 degrees

9/23 Tri
Nacouzi 1st 18:59
Taylor  3rd 20:23

9/19 Viking Opener
Taylor  1st Junior/Senior 11:09, 3rd All-Time fastest
Nacouzi 2nd Junior/Senior 11:22, 5th All-Time fastest

Taylor  1st 17:58
Nacouzi 2nd 18:10

9/12 Ed Sias
Nacouzi 1st large, fastest of all divisions, 3rd All-Time fastest

9/4 Rancho Cotate Invitaional
Taylor  1st 17:03, Meet Record
Nacouzi 2nd 17:28, 2nd best AT