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DATE: Sunday, December 9, 2001


ORLANDO, Fla. -- Amber Trotter came through as expected and pulled off
the unexpected all in one race.
To nobody's surprise, Trotter, the California state champion who has
dominated every cross country race she's been in all season, did it once
again on Saturday, winning the Footlocker Cross Country National title at
Walt Disney World.
However, the ease and manner in which the Ukiah High senior toasted the
star-studded field left everyone in attendance standing in amazement.
Trotter smashed the course record set last season by Montgomery's Sara
Bei and posted the second-largest margin of victory in the meet's 22-year
history, covering the 5,000 meters in 16 minutes, 24 seconds, to capture
her first national title.
``It just feels great to win,'' said Trotter, who outdistanced runner-up
Erika Odlaug of Illinois by 40 seconds. ``It doesn't matter if it's by five
seconds or 40, it just feels great to be the National Champion.''
The victory was never in question. Trotter took the lead from the
opening gun, opening up a sizable lead within the first 400 meters.
She came through the mile mark in 5:05 and already had a 22-second lead
on the next pack.
By the halfway point, her lead was 36 seconds and it was obvious that
the real race was for second place.
``We were all surprised not to have anyone up there with her,'' said
Ukiah coach Jerry Drew. ``We figured there would be two or three girls up
In fact, Trotter's race was so dominant that race officials had to call
for a second golf cart to pace the group of 32 of the nation's finest
female runners -- one for Trotter, and one for the rest of the field.
``I was feeling a lot of pressure because everyone was saying that I was
the one to beat,'' said Trotter. ``I wanted to end that early in the race.
``I didn't plan on going out that fast, but I did plan on taking it out
hard because I knew that I had put in the work and it'd take a lot for
someone to stay with me. I love to take it out hard and push my body and
mind to the limits.''
Then, with a slight smile, the senior added, ``Plus, I don't have much
of a kick, so I knew that I'd be toast if it came down to the last
She never had to worry. It was apparent as she crossed the two-mile mark
in 10:20 that the only thing Trotter had left to race was the clock and
Bei's course record. As she reached the final half-mile, the question
changed from whether or not she'd break the record to by how much.
``I was trying not to focus on how much I was winning by or breaking
records,'' said Trotter. ``I was just trying to stay focused on how much I
love running and love competing in this wonderful sport. I wanted to keep
it simple out there and I told myself that throughout the race. Just run
fast and keep running as fast as you can.''
Though Trotter's philosophy seems simple enough, she did add that the
win and the records are a bit of a payoff for her hard work and the
determination of her coaches and family.
She said that their support during last spring when she was forced to
miss track season because of her physical condition caused by an eating
disorder was what enabled her to get back to this point.
``This race was really for my coaches and my family,'' said Trotter.
``Coach (Jerry) Drew and my friends and family have stuck by me through all
the hard times, and their support is what made the difference. Really,
things started to go downhill last season after this meet, so it's nice to
come back here and accomplish this.
``It's very satisfying.''
She also said the course record will give her a bit of confidence for
the challenges ahead.
``To run as fast or faster than Sara and Anita (Siraki, last year's
runner-up who was also from California) shows me what I can do,'' said
Trotter after adding that she'll run for NCAA Division III National
Champion Middlebury College in Vermont next fall. ``I've always looked up
to those girls and thought that there's no way that I could do what they
did. Now here I am with a time that's faster. ``It's definitely exciting
to me and gives me a lot of confidence.''
``No one in the national championships has run this fast at this meet,''
said an elated Drew. ``It's quite a feat considering everything she has had
to go through.''
Equally as exciting -- albeit in a very different fashion -- was the
boys' race. Michigan's Timothy Moore outkicked and outlasted Bobby Lockhart
of Virginia to win the closest race in the meet's history. The two were
head-to-head over the last 100 meters before Moore edged in front of
Lockhart with less than 30 meters to go to escape with a 1-second victory
in a time of 14:50.
Staff writer Leah Etling contributed to this report.

DATE: Saturday, December 8, 2001


Amber Trotter had to learn to feed her body before she could satisfy her
hunger to run.
Today, replenished in spirit and physique, she is favored to win the
girls high school cross country national championship in Orlando, Fla.
That she is even toeing the starting line against 31 of the finest young
distance runners in America is a remarkable achievement. Just nine months
ago the Ukiah High School senior could not even run competitively because
of a debilitating eating disorder.
Her health at risk, she did not run track this past spring. Some local
running experts say privately they didn't expect to see her again in
competition in either cross country or track.
Yet her return has been breathtaking. This morning when she finishes the
3.1 mile Footlocker Nationals at Oak Trail Golf Course at Disney World, she
could be capping an undefeated season; an uninterrupted string of
dominating victories that began with dual meets in September and carried
through the North Coast Section meet, the state championship and the
Western U.S. title. In reality, she has not been challenged in a race this
season, breaking course records -- and the will of her opponents -- with
Trotter has a simple explanation for the turnaround.
``I run twice as much and eat twice as much.''
She knows, though, that it hasn't been that simple. The revival has been
built on medical care, on ongoing counseling and on the support of her
family, her coach and friends.
Healing process
And also on personal growth. Facing her disorder, and eventually doing
it publicly, has been part of her healing process.
She said she first developed the problem in the fall of her sophomore
``My obsessive-compulsive personality, running and other issues all
contributed,'' she said. ``Losing weight -- and, by the way, I was never
heavy -- boosted both my self-esteem and running performance initially.''
It was statements like that, which she eventually was willing to make in
such forums as a runners' Web site, that marked the measure of her
emotional growth.
Other runners now come up to her before races to confess they, too, have
similar problems. Trotter said she offers what advice she can.
Trotter sees a psychologist for the eating disorder, working on behavior
modification, and she also sees a nutritionist regularly. While she has
been a vegetarian, she now also eats chicken and fish.
She is 5-7 and said she now weighs 110 pounds. Though still waif-like,
even by distance runners' standards, she is a powerhouse on the race
course. She sets a demanding early pace and then relentlessly pours it on,
demoralizing those who try to run with her.
She said her biggest problem eating is consuming enough calories --
3,000 a day -- while running long distances every day. A typical training
week involves 60 miles of running. Even before a big race like the Western
Regionals -- the third big race in three weeks -- she still logged 40 miles
in training.
Trotter is maintaining the Redwood Empire's reputation for producing
elite women runners. She follows local greats Julia Stamps, a Stanford
All-American, and Sara Bei, who won the cross country nationals last year,
was a four-time state champ in cross country and a three-time state
champion in track.
Despite a disorder that would make most teens reclusive, Trotter is
talkative and friendly. Her mother, Mary Newkirk, complained that her
daughter spent so much time chatting with another runner on the medal stand
after winning the Western Regionals last week that she couldn't get a good
picture of her.
She professes her love for running often, but isn't fond of all the
trappings that go with winning major events. She will attend the banquets,
the dances and the parades at Disney World this weekend -- she finished
seventh last year -- but as her high school coach, Jerry Drew, said,
``she's more comfortable in Birkenstocks than high heels.''
Her mother, an internist in Mendocino County, said that whatever her
17-year-old daughter undertakes, she goes all out. Amber was home schooled
until high school, carries a 4.3 GPA and takes honor courses at Mendocino
College. She's president of the Environmental Club and started the club
garden in her back yard.
Running as an escape
Trotter said that running is a form of escape and being alone with her
thoughts. Still, she enjoys the camaraderie of the cross country team and
said she joined the cross country team as a freshman in part for the social
life. ``I was on the JVs in soccer my freshman year, and then quit when I
started running,'' Trotter said. ``I just fell in love with it and
connected with Jerry.''
Drew believes that many people have a misconception about Trotter. They
see her as a blessed runner, an athlete who just turns on the engine on
race day. ``She's had hard knocks and has made adjustments,'' Drew said.
``She has heart and desire and deep down, the will to win.''
Drew said that expectations are set too high for the best high school
athletes. ``They're kids, anything can happen.''
He said that other runners are more gifted physically than Trotter.
``She's not a great athlete,'' he said. But she has tenacity and ``inner
Trotter's eating disorder is hardly uncommon in the sport. Many
top-caliber runners have admitted similar experiences. Others keep what is
referred to in running circles as ``the dark little secret.''
Serious young runners like Trotter have high risk factors. Teen-age
girls, as a category, are more prone to the disorder, in part reflecting
the cultural emphasis on body form and also the adolescent pressures to
conform and be popular. But runners have a whole different variable at
work. Simply, weighing less can mean faster times.
Trotter's mother said that her daughter ``eats all the time now,'' but
probably will never gain much weight as long as she's a serious runner.
Jenny Aldridge, a senior at Maria Carrillo High School in Santa Rosa who
won the state 1,600-meter title as a sophomore, and will be going to
Arizona State on a running scholarship, said she admires Trotter as an
elite runner and ``a really nice person.'' But she is just as impressed
with Trotter's Internet disclosures about her eating disorder.
``I thought she was very brave for doing that,'' Aldridge said.
Courted by colleges
Trotter already is being courted by big colleges, but for now she has
her eyes on Middlebury, a private school in Vermont. The school has won the
last two Div. III women's national cross country titles and Trotter
developed a quick affinity for the coach. The school doesn't give athletic
scholarships, but Trotter is waiting to hear what kind of academic aid is
In the meantime, she's focused on the national championship. ``It's not
a course that favors me, with the rolling hills,'' she said. ``It's hard to
get any real rhythm there. But I'm definitely excited and I just don't want
to go out too hard.''
She has heard the comments about how things supposedly have come so
easily for her this season. She knows better.
``I think I've worked really, really hard. I have a lot of desire and
I've put in the miles. It's a beautiful sport and I just want to keep
having fun.''

DATE: Sunday, December 2, 2001


WALNUT -- So much for running just to qualify.
Ukiah High's Amber Trotter planned to make Saturday's Foot Locker
Western Regional Championships at Mt. San Antonio College little more than
a training run until she and coach Jerry Drew had a sit-down.
``He told me to run like I always run,'' said Trotter. ``To push the
first two miles and if I'm in first, to stay in first and if I'm fifth, to
stay in fifth.''
Fifth? Trotter hasn't lost a race all season and it became apparent
early that it wasn't going to happen this time, either, as she quickly left
a quality field far behind.
Her winning time over the challenging 3.1-mile course, run in ideally
cool but sunny conditions, was 17 minutes, 14 seconds.
Not only did it shatter the year-old meet record of 17:36 by Wyoming's
Alicia Craig, it was 43 seconds faster than runner-up Felicia Guliford of
Gallup, N.M.
The time was also 54 seconds quicker than Trotter ran last year.
Anything close to that kind of improvement in next Saturday's Foot Locker
National Championships in Orlando, Fla., would certainly produce a gold
There is no question about strategy in the Nationals, where Trotter
finished seventh last year, but thoughts of holding back and then moving
late in the race Saturday were erased after the coach-runner chat.
``Coach told me to not change, not to psyche myself out, to go out and
run like Amber Trotter,'' said the Ukiah senior. ``I didn't push the last
part of the race because I didn't have to.''
Trotter expanded her lead at every turn; and although she ran two-tenths
of a mile farther than earlier in the season at the Mt. SAC Invitational,
her unofficial time at that race's distance Saturday was 16:10 ... better
than her own course record of 16:17.
``I ran a 16:10?'' a surprised Trotter said. ``That gives me even more
Confidence is not something Trotter lacks.
Still, she is aware that Saturday's race was her third straight hard
race and the runners from the other three regions of the country were
resting after conducting their championships a week earlier.
``I'd love to have a week off, to rest up,'' Trotter said. ``There's so
little time. I'll get home late tonight and then I have to go to the
airport late Wednesday night ... you feel crazy, school's crazy,
everything's crazy.
``It's a national championship where there's a big crowd, a lot of hype
and they introduce you before the race. That's unusual for cross country,
where you usually just go out and run, but you can't let your nerves get to
At least she'll know all week that this time she gets to go all out,
that the strategy will be to run fast.
Scary thought.
Maria Carrillo's Jenny Aldridge placed 16th out of 132 finishers,
clocking 18:51. She missed the final National qualifying spot by just 27
The top area finisher in the boys race was Santa Rosa's Jordan Kinley,
75th at 16:45.

DATE: Sunday, November 25, 2001


FRESNO -- Amber Trotter finally found something she couldn't outrun --
Mother Nature.
The Ukiah High senior was 45 seconds faster than anyone else on two
feet, but her quest for a course record at the California State Cross
County Championships Saturday was doomed by a chilling and driving
rainstorm that quickly turned the Woodward Park course into a quagmire.
Following a nightmarish warm-up, Trotter produced a time of 17:01 over
the 3.1-mile course. Although it's the fourth fastest ever run here, it
wasn't what Trotter wanted.
She easily won the Division I race. The same could not be said of Maria
Carrillo's Jenny Aldridge, whose hopes for a state title were not realized
as she finished third in Division II.
Likewise, the Montgomery and Maria Carrillo girls teams, ranked first
and second in the state in Division II, respectively, were upset by winner
San Pasqual of Escondido. The Vikings were third, while the Pumas finished
Trotter scorched the first mile in 5:10, leaving the rest of the field
to run for second. But she realized her hopes of breaking former Santa Rosa
High runner Julia Stamps' record of 16:43 were lost when she reached the
2-mile mark in 10:50.
Trotter's race was marred by what she said was the most stressful
pre-race she ever encountered.
``I always get to the meet so I have an hour to warm up,'' Trotter said.
``But everyone moved like there was no hurry, so when we got here we had
nowhere to sit.
``I had such a slow warm-up, I didn't have time to say my affirmations,
to get focused. When they called us to the starting line I still had all my
layers (of clothes) on, so I just rushed over and got into our box.
``I was the last one to the line. Before I could stretch or even get a
practice start the gun went off. That's never happened before, I've never
been more unprepared for a race in my life. I guess in a way I learned
something -- that I can still run under very stressful conditions.''
Not just run, but run well. You'd never guess there was a problem until
the finish, when she was clearly upset, breaking into angry tears.
Later, she explained that the 5:10 pace was too fast. She wanted
something closer to 5:20 en route to running each mile faster, which would
have put her close to the record.
The weather, she said, was not a factor even though the course was
slippery and the rain icy cold.
Trotter quickly put the problems behind her to look forward to next
weekend's Footlocker National Western Regional meet at Mt. San Antonio
College in Walnut, where she will be the prohibitive favorite.
``I'm going to get there real early and be ready, just like last week
when everything went perfect,'' she said in reference to the North Coast
Section meet at Hayward, where she shattered the course record by more than
90 seconds. Aldridge, too, put yeterday's race behind her.
``I really thought I'd run a low 17s,'' said the Arizona State bound
senior, who clocked an 18.30 -- slower than the 18.13 she ran for third
place last year.
``I'm very disappointed. (Palo Alto Gunn High's) Ruth Graham made a hard
move at the mile and I got scared and just tensed up. You can't run well if
you're tense.''
The Montgomery and Maria Carrillo girls teams were ambushed by a San
Pasqual club that just entered the state's top 10 last week at fifth.
By placing two runners in the top 10, and four in the top 22, the San
Diego area team scored 99 points to Montgomery's 154 and Carrillo's 169.
Kim Conley led Montgomery with a fourth-place finish in 18:46.

DATE: Sunday, November 18, 2001


HAYWARD -- To say Ukiah's Amber Trotter is running well is definitely a
major understatement.
Trotter not only won the girls Division I race at the North Coast
Section Meet of Champions Saturday at Hayward High, but the manner in which
she won continues to amaze running aficionados.
Trotter set a course record -- by 1 minute, 33 seconds. She won her race
in 16:15, almost two minutes ahead of the second-place finisher.
Asked how hard Trotter ran, Ukiah coach Jerry Drew said, ``You haven't
seen anything yet. No, she really didn't run hard.''
Trotter is already the favorite in the upcoming nationals, but first
she'll run in next weekend's state meet at Fresno and then the Western
At the start of the day, the Hayward course record of 17:48 was held by
former Montgomery standout Sara Bei. Claire Horowitz of Head Royce beat
that earlier in the day with a 17:45 and then came Trotter.
It was a great day for the Ukiah boys and girls teams as well. Both
qualified for state. The Ukiah girls won the Div. I team competition and
the Ukiah boys finished second in Div. II, beating out a strong De La Salle
Rancho Cotate's Phyllis Blanchard finished second in the Div. I girls
race and Ukiah's Shelby Leland was third.
Niles Van Deventer from Santa Rosa ended up in seventh place with a time
of 16:02 in the boys Div. I race to earn a spot in the State Championships.
The Ukiah boys received a surprising 11th place finish from Marcos
Barrales. Ukiah's Chase Vau was ninth.
Maria Carrillo's Jenny Aldridge won the girls Div. II race in 17:48.
However, Montgomery edged out the Pumas for first place by four points, 51
to 55. Both teams will move on to state.
Kim Conley led the Vikings with a third--place finish of 18:22. Conley's
sister Emma, a freshman, was the next best runner for Montgomery at sixth
``Kim didn't race as good as she normally does, but it was good enough
to get us the win,'' Montgomery coach Larry Meredith said. ``And Emma did
great. We didn't expect her to do so well -- she's peaking at the right
Jordan Kinley finished sixth for Maria Carrillo at 15:48 in the boys
Div. II race and advances on to Fresno next weekend.
Also headed south next Saturday is Ruben Mora-Roman who was the third
finisher overall for Analy in the boys Div. III race.
Healdsburg's Kelly Rogers qualified for state by notching eighth place
in the Div. IV race at 19:04.
``Kelly finished second in this race last year -- the competition in
Div. IV seems to be getting tougher,'' Healdsburg coach Rob Lee said. ``But
she achieved her goal of going to state, so she's happy.''
Greyhounds freshman Tim Quiroga clocked a 15:58 to finish sixth in the
boys race. He won't be advancing to state, however, because there were not
as many individual spaces open on the boys side.
In the Div. V races, Casey Colby and Stephanie Agapoff from Middletown
both qualified for the State Championships.

DATE: Thursday, November 8, 2001


Juniors Kelly Rogers of Healdsburg and Ruben Mora-Roman of Analy were
the respective girls and boys winners at the Sonoma County League cross
country championships Wednesday afternoon at Spring Lake Park.
Rogers won in 19:05 on the 2.97-mile course. Senior Bailey Kennedy of
Windsor was second in 19:38, Kristen Komorowski of Healdsburg was third in
20:03 and Petaluma's Jacqui Vance was fourth in 20:06.
Mora-Roman won in 16:01, freshman Tim Quiroga of Healdsburg was second
in 16:29, Petaluma's Steven Cozza was third in 16:33 and El Molino's Kevin
Correa was fourth in 16:52.
Petaluma swept the team championships. The Petaluma girls outpointed
runner-up Healdsburg, 35-47, and won both the SCL dual-meet season and the
league meet, capturing the SCL pennant.
The boys title was somewhat closer. Petaluma edged El Molino, 52-58, in
the league meet. Petaluma also won the dual-meet season and grabbed the
boys league pennant.
Next for the Empire's cross country runners is the Meet of Champions (or
North Coast Section meet) at Hayward High on Nov. 17. Any varsity runners
can run at the meet, in their respective divisions.
Ukiah's Amber Trotter, Maria Carrillo's Jenny Aldridge and Maria
Carrillo's Jordan Kinley, the top finishers at last week's North Bay League
championships will be favored at the Meet of Champions, as will the Maria
Carrillo and Montgomery girls teams, currently ranked No. 1 and 2 in the
state in Division II.
The following week is the state cross country championships at Fresno's
Woodward Park.
Stephanie Agapoff from Middletown set a course record of 20:56 at the
girls Coastal Mountain Conference Championships at Bald Hill in Fort Bragg.
She broke the previous record by 15 seconds for the 2.9-mile course held by
Mustang alumni Tami Hunt.
St. Vincent scored 52 points to win the girls CMC championships while
Kelseyville came in second with 93 points. Lower Lake edged Middletown by
seven points for third place.
In the boys 2.9-mile race, Victor Orneles came away with the win,
finishing a shade under 18 minutes with a time of 17:59 for Fort Bragg.
The Timberwolves ended up winning the boys CMC championships with 58
points. Willits finished second with 69 points and Kelseyville's score of
72 was good enough for third.

DATE: Saturday, November 3, 2001


Experience may have prevailed Friday at the North Bay League cross
country championships, but youth was definitely served over the 2.97-mile
Spring Lake course.
There were no surprises in the individual races, as seniors Amber
Trotter of Ukiah (16 minutes, 31 seconds) and Jordan Kinley of Maria
Carrillo (15:39) ran away with the girls and boys races, respectively, but
it was a different story in the team results.
The Santa Rosa boys upset favored Ukiah to claim the team title with 52
The Panthers also claimed a share of the overall NBL championship with
the Wildcats, who finished second (61 points). Ukiah had been undefeated in
seven NBL dual meets before Friday.
``I did expect it,'' said Panthers head coach Doug Courtemarche of his
Santa Rosa boys claiming the team championship. ``All five of our runners
have been within 40 seconds of each other. That has been our strength all
Maria Carrillo, ranked No. 1 in the state among Div. II girls teams, and
Montgomery, ranked No. 2, went head-to-head for the girls' team
championship and it couldn't have ended much closer.
Carrillo, led by second-place finisher Jenny Aldridge (17:05), edged
Montgomery, 39-42, for the team title and finished the NBL season
Seniors Trotter and Aldridge may have finished 1-2 but the third through
sixth place finishers went sophomore (Kim Conley, Montgomery), sophomore
(Shelby Leland, Ukiah), sophomore (Phyllis Blanchard, Rancho Cotate) and
freshman (Amy Robinson, Carrillo), respectively.
``I just tried to have a solid workout for the weeks to come,'' said
Trotter, who still could have four more meets this year, including the
North Coast Section, State, Western Regional and National championships.
``I think I ran too hard at this meet last year.
``I really love Spring Lake. It's a special course for me.''
Carrillo's Kinley, who posted an 18-second victory over Santa Rosa's
Eddy McFarlin (15:58), said he could have run 10 to 20 seconds faster, and
his coach Danny Aldridge agreed.
``It's tough to run out front by yourself,'' said Aldridge of Kinley,
who already had a 15-second lead at the two-mile mark. ``You have to break
the course into segments and pick out points (on the course) to focus on.
``There will be better competition at NCS and state. He'll be ready to
Kinley then broke down his triumph.
``I just tried to go out hard (at the start),'' said Kinley, who
improved his time by 5 seconds over this course. ``At the two-mile mark I
started to increase my speed slowly. That was something that I had planned.
Then I just visualize the race and tried to get into a zone.''
Santa Rosa's Niles Van Deventer (3rd, 16:00), Silas Stafford (11th,
16:24) Steven Nopola (16th, 16:56) and Scott Parks (20th, 17:15) backed
McFarlin in leading the Panther boys to the team title.
Maria Carrillo's Robinson (6th, 18:24), Ashlee Drady (7th, 18:44),
Carina Hendricks (11th, 18:58) and Julianne Baker (15th, 19:25) joined
Aldridge in leading the Pumas to the girls' team championship.

DATE: Sunday, October 21, 2001


Ukiah High's Amber Trotter turned in yet another incredible performance
Saturday in Walnut at the Mount SAC Cross Country Invitational.
Trotter, a senior, produced the best female prep time ever on Mount San
Antonio College's 2.91-mile course, clocking a 16:16 to smash Hoover High's
Anita Siraki's year-old course record by 22 seconds.
On a hilly course that usually knocks out runners who set a fast pace,
Trotter ran away from her competitors with a 5:04 opening mile.
In its 54th year, the Mt. SAC Invitational included 15,000 runners in 86
races. Running against 73 other girls in race 49, an individual sweepstakes
heat, Trotter finished 1:47 ahead of her nearest competitor, Katie Matlack
of Fallbrook High (18:03).
Ukiah sophomore Shelby Leland finished 12th in the heat at 18:53.
* Montgomery placed first in the boys race with 49 points. Only 30
seconds separated Andrew Gallagher, Matt Fitch, and K.C. Cody, all of whom
finished in the top 10.
The Vikings took third in the girls race, with Kim Conley finishing

DATE: Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Ukiah's Amber Trotter easily won the Iolani Invitational in Honolulu
over the weekend.
The Ukiah boys won the team championship, beating out Lanier High of
Texas and Hawaiian schools.
Trotter, who also won a big race in San Francisco two weeks ago, clocked
a 17.01 for three miles, 70 seconds faster than the second-place finisher.
Ukiah sophomore Shelby Leland was third in 18:59.
Trotter is ranked No. 1 in California and considered among the best in
the nation.
The Ukiah girls finished second to Iolani.
The Ukiah boys placed seven runners in the top 16 to beat Punahou in the
team standings.
Ukiah's Casey Chadd was second in 16:34 for three miles and the
Wildcats' Chase Vau was third in 16:50. Punahou's Todd Iacovelli won in
* Maria Carrillo's Jenny Aldridge, who won the Great American Race in
Charlotte, N.C., is currently ranked second in the state in Div. II by
Cal-Hi Sports and will take part in Saturday's Stanford Invitational.

DATE: Sunday, September 23, 2001


Maria Carrillo cross country standout Jenny Aldridge seems to be feeling
much better these days.
Aldridge, whose times have been off this season because of an ankle
injury, clocked an impressive 18:17 to win the 5k Girls Invitational
bracket at the Great American Race in Charlotte, N.C., Saturday.
Racing in a field of 117, Aldridge came in over a minute ahead of
second-place finisher Carla Uribe (19:18) of Marist, Ga., to lead the Puma
girls to a fourth-place finish.
Pumas freshman Amy Robinson placed 10th at 19:46, and junior Ashlee
Drady was 24th at 20:10.
Carrillo's Jordan Kinley placed 34th in the boys division.

DATE: Sunday, September 16, 2001


There were plenty of runners Saturday in the 17th Viking Opener cross
country meet at Spring Lake Park.
Thirty-two high school teams participated, with seven age-group races
Jenny Aldridge of Maria Carrillo won the junior/senior girls race,
running two miles in 12:08. Kelly Rogers of Healdsburg was second in 12:21
and Maria Carrillo's Ashlee Drady was third in 12:38.
Montgomery dominated the open girls race, Ashley Gnoss (13:58) and Molly
McManus (14:09) finishing 1-2.
Shelby Leland of Ukiah won the girls frosh/soph race in 11:50 and
Montgomery's Kim Conley (11:56) and Christy Sweaney (12:10) were second and
Maria Carrillo's Jordan Kinley won the senior boys race in 10:05 and
Ukiah's Casey Chadd was third in 10:15.
Ryan Parker of Castro Valley won the open boys race in 11:42 and Ukiah's
Matt Barre was second in 11:43.
Analy's Rubin Mora won the junior boys race in 10:33 and Montgomery's
Andrew Gallagher was second in 10:49.
Santa Rosa's Eddy McFarlin won the boys frosh/soph race in 10:25.
Maria Carrillo beat out Montgomery for the girls junior/senior team
title, Montgomery won the open girls team and Montgomery edged Maria
Carrillo in the team standings in girls frosh/soph.
In boys team standings, Castro Valley edged Ukiah in senior boys,
Tamalpais won in open boys, Redwood edged Santa Rosa in junior boys and
Santa Rosa won the boys frosh/soph

DATE: Sunday, September 9, 2001

Ukiah senior Amber Trotter won her race at the Great America Cross
Country Festival at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.
Trotter won easily and her time of 17:21 was the best in all three
girls' races held. It also tied her personal best at 5K and set a course
Ukiah sophomore Shelby Leland finished fourth in 18:45.7.
The Maria Carrillo girls finished third out of 17 teams from around the
country, and the Ukiah girls sixth
Maria Carrillo's Jenny Aldridge finished sixth, clocking a 18:49.
* At Martinez, Montgomery's Kim Conley ran 2 miles in 12:33 to win the
Ed Sias Invitational girls' race.
The Vikings' Christy Sweaney placed second at 12:45.

DATE: Thursday, June 28, 2001


Montgomery cross country and track coach Larry Meredith is stepping away
from the positions, 18 years after answering a coach-wanted note in the
district office.
Meredith, 43, said he experienced something he never really thought
possible when the Viking girls cross country team, led by Sara Bei, won the
Division II state championship last fall.
``The week before I thought we had a decent shot, but then a team had
come on strong in a meet leading up to state,'' Meredith said. ``Just say I
had big doubts.''
A startling statistic from that race was that all seven runners,
including Bei, the state champ, ran their fastest times of the year.
``I thought a few girls might be able to get some personal records, but
we had four girls cut 40 seconds off their previous best,'' Meredith said.
``The idea that five, six or all seven of the team members could have
their best races on the same day in the most important meet of their lives
was something that never entered my mind.''
Meredith has been one of the most successful cross country coaches in
the Redwood Empire. The Montgomery boys have won 12 North Bay League
pennants under Meredith, including the last two.
Meredith, originally from Indiana and a graduate of Ball State, was
named North Coast Section Honor Coach in 1992, was the Press Democrat's
Cross Country Coach of the Year in 1997 and 2000 and the Empire Track Coach
of the Year in 1998.
Meredith is himself a runner. He's active in the Empire Runners Club but
hasn't been able to run recently because of foot and hip injuries.
Of Bei, who won four state titles in cross country and three in track,
Meredith said, ``I really believe she could have competed in just about any
sport. She's a great athlete and just so competitive.''
Meredith, who is employed by OCLI, said he expects to assist at
Montgomery during big meets.He said many of his former runners stay in
touch and at a recent alumni cross country race more than 30 former
Montgomery runners, most living outside the area, ran in the race.
Meredith credited his wife Tori for her enduring support of high school
coaching. Officially, she was his assistant coach from 1989 to last season.
``She was a real inspiration,'' he said.
Josh Dorris, who ran cross country and track at Montgomery and coached
Vikings track this season, is expected to take over for Meredith.Larry
Successful cross country and track coach ends 18-year career after
winning Div. II state title

Footlocker Cross Country Championships


Girls Results: 1. Amber Trotter, Redwood Valley, CA 16:24; 2. Erika
Odlaug, Bannockburn, IL 17:04; 3. Natasha Roetter, Lexington, MA 17:05; 4.
Molly Huddle, Elmira, NY 17:19; 5. Laura Stanley, Fletcher NC 17:34; 6.
Felicia Guliford, Gallup NM 17:35; 7. Jackie Zeigle, South Jordan UT 17:41;
8. Valerie Lauver, Allen TX 17:45; 9. Amber Harper Orem, UT 17:46; 10.
Heidi Lane, Great Falls, MT 17:46.
Boys Results: 1. Timothy Moore, Novi MI 14:50; 2. Bobby Lockhart,
Winchester VA 14:51; 3. Chris Solinsky, Stevens Point, WI 14:52; 4. Nurani
Sheikh, Salt Lake City, UT 14:56; 5. Tim Ross, Alto, MI 14:57; 6. Milos
Mitric, Asheville, NC 14:59; 7. Yong-Sung Leal, San Leandro, CA 15:03; 8.
Peter Meindl, Ochard Park, NY 15:04; 9. William Nelson, Bakersfield, CA
15:06; 10. Jesse Fayant, Spokane, WA 15:07

Footlocker Western Regionals


Girls seeded results: (top 8 qualify for nationals)

1--Amber Trotter, Ukiah, 17:14; 2--Felicia Guliford, Gallup NM, 17:57;
3--Julie Allen, Corona Del Mar CA, 18:15; 4 Jacqueline Zeigle, South Jordan
UT, 18:19; 5 Amber Harper, Orem UT, 18:20; 6 Heidi Lane, Great Falls MT,
18:21; 7--Zoe Nelson, Kalispell MT, 18:22; 8--Sally Meyerhoff, Tempe AZ,
18:24; 9--Ruth Graham, Palo Alto CA, 18:38; 10--Heidi Magill, Orem UT,
Healdsburg results: Kelly Rogers (seeded girls race), 104th, 20:32; Tim
Quiroga (boys frosh), 5th; Kristin Komarowski (girls frosh), 44th, 22:23;
Nick Thompson (senior boys), 60th, 19:12; Ben Seisededos (junior boys),
89th, 20:08.
Windsor results: Bailey Kennedy (senior girls), 11th, 21:11.
Analy results: Ruben Mora-Roman Jr. (junior boys), 2nd, 16:55.
Rancho Cotate results: Freshman race: 47--Kristen Charles, 22:08.
Sophomore race: 1--Phyliss Blanchard. Senior race: 54--Lauren Charles,
Boys: Freshman race: 25--Tim Bueller, 19:01. Sophomore race: 70--Lorenzo
Womack, 20:08; Junior: 50--Ryan Eckmeyer, 18:58; Mike Wortman, 19:36.
Senior: 16--Matt Blanchard, 17:38.
Jr. Girls--Helleskov 59th, 23:41.
Sr. Girls--Parker 35th, 22:59.
Sr. Boys--VanDeventer 12th, 17:23.

California State Cross Country


Div. I Boys (3.1 miles):
1--Erik Maldonado, Don Lugo 15:38; 66--Niles Vendeventer, Santa Rosa

Div. I Girls:
1--Penninsula 146; 16--Ukiah 334.
1--Trotter, Ukiah 17:01; 9--Phyllis Blanchard, Rancho Cotate 18:39;
16--Shelby Leland, Ukiah 18:53; 102--Kyra Kenny, Ukiah 20:24; 140--Megan
Mullin, Ukiah 21:03; 153--Mary Shibata, Ukiah 21:31; 175 Samantha Sheller,
Ukiah 22:19; 196--Alexandra Drew, Ukiah 23:49.

Div. II girls:
(24 teams, 3.1 miles)
San Pasqual 99; Woodridge 137; Montgomery 154, Sultana 164, Maria
Carrillo 169.
1--Ruth Graham, Gunn 18:08; 2--Kaitlin Chock, Granite Bay 18:18;
3--Jenny Aldridge, Carrillo 18:30; 4--Kim Conley, Montgomery 18:46; 10-Amy
Robinson, M. Carrillo 19:04; 21--Emma Conley, Mont. 19:24; 38--Elisa
Pederson, Mont. 19:48; 39--Ashlee Drady, MC 19:48; 45--Kim Handel, Mont.
19:57; 65--Meghan Boes, MC 24:14; 71--Kate Blake, Mont. 20:18; 74 Joy
Terribilini Mont. 20:21; 83--Julianne Baker MC 20:28; 98--Carina Hendricks
MC 20:46; 104--Christy Sweaney, Mont. 20:52; 111--Kristen Fladseth MC

Div.IV girls:
1--Bridgette Duffy, St. Mary's 18:31; 31--Kelly Rogers, Healdsburg

Div. V girls:
1--Clara Horowitz, Head Royce 17:55; 7--Stephanie Agapoff, Middletown

Division III Boys
1. Kraemer, Saratoga H.S.,15:57.
41. Mora-Roman, Analy H.S., 17:00.
49. Cozza, Petaluma, H.S., 17:05.


Division I NCS Championships

Girls (3 miles)
Ukiah 63, Mission San Jose 103, Monte Vista 125, Deer Valley 126 Antioch
135, 7--Santa Rosa 180
Top 10-Amber Trotter U, 16:15; Phyllis Blanchard RC 18:07; Shelly Leland
U, 18:08; Holly Root MSJ, 18:24; Christine Perez A, 18:50; Kyra Kinney U,
19:18; Corinne Roberts AL, 19:20; Natasha O'Neal L, 19:25; Sara Orzell AL,
19:26; Megan Mullin U, 19;26
Ukiah: 43--Mary Shibata 21:06; 46--Samantha Sheller 21:09; 75--Alexandra
Drew 22:19
Santa Rosa: 20-Nora Sorentino 20:06; 31--Maria Enz 20:39; 33--Julianna
Helleskov 20:49; 47--Becka Parker 21:03; 49--Jordan VanDeventer 21:17
60--Graceann Tonna 21:39; 78--Lily Hayden 22:28

Boys (3 miles)
College Park 72, Castro Valley 95, Ygnacio Valley 132, Santa Rosa 146,
Montgomery 155
Top 10--Gilliat Gheabry L, 15:28; Chris Wong CV, 15:37; Abdullah Jamali
YV, 15:44; Shawn Farr CP, 15:48; Matt Owen CP, 15:54; Nicolas Bell A,
16:00; Niles Van Deventer SR, 16:02; Daniel Walker YV, 16:06; Matt Fitch M,
16:07; K.C. Cody M, 16:08.
Santa Rosa: 20--Eddy Mcfarlin 16:31; 24--Silas Stafford 16:35;
36--Steven Nopola 16:58; 59--Scott Parks 17:29; 87--Caleb Grimes 18:16;
88--Chris Knight 18:17

Division II NCS Championships


Boys (3 miles)
Eureka 56, Ukiah 84, De La Salle 90, San Ramon Valley 106, Foothill 159,
8--Maria Carrillo 184
Top 10--Young-Sung Leal AR, 14:38; Carl Damkowski G, 15:18; Stewart
Harwall DLS, 15:25; Ernesto Hernandez G, 15:37; Sean Lyle EU, 15:45; Jordan
Kinley MC, 15:48; Chris Woodcock EU, 15:55; Chris Pecot F, 15:57; Chase Bau
U, 15:58; Matthew Peterson CA, 16:03
Ukiah: 11--Marcos Barrales 16:05; 18--Daniel Sock 16:25; 19--Casey Chadd
16:26; 32--Yoshanny Rahm 17:05; 43--Steve Poore 17:34; 46--Matt Barrie
Maria Carrillo: 40--Kevin Fickert 17:27; 41--Justin Infante 17:28;
52--Geoff Bachaldr 18:03; 63--Ted Jenkins 18:27; 75--Alex Woof-Root 18:59;
88--James Jaggard 19:55

Montgomery 51, Maria Carrillo 55
Top Ten-Jenny Aldridge MC, 17:48; Amy Robinson MC, 18:05; Kim Conley M,
18:22; Lindsey Allen CP, 18:23; Elizabeth Ottenheimer G, 18:30
Maria Carrillo: 12--Ashley Drady 19:11; 18--Megan Bowes 19:39;
22--Julianne Baker 19:46; 25--Corrina Hicks 20:01; 45--Kristin Flagseth

Division III NCS Championships

7--Petaluma, 9--Analy
Analy: 3--Mora 16:15; 41--Feraco 17:22; 61--Franceschine 18:14;
69--Fornaciari 19:04; 70--Johnson 19:05; 76--Weis 19:32; 80--Tuohy 20:04
Petaluma: 7--Steven Cozza 16:24

5--Petaluma, 10--Analy
Analy: 35--Briggs 20:56; 46--Beers, Jenna 21:40; 54--Beers, Julia 22:29;
62--Godwin 23:20; 69--Tomich, Monica 23:59; 72--Chardon 24:12; 88--Reiter
Petaluma: 20--Stephanie Laslo 20:27; 23--Jacqui Vance 20:19;
33--Danielle Almieda 20:48; 67--Andrea Stevick 23:50; 70--Fionna Cilley

Division IV NCS Championships

Moreau Catholic 72, Bishop O'Dowd 147, Cardinal Newman 155, St. Mary's
165, El Molino 169, 13--Healdsburg 310
Top 10--Crosby Freeman P, 15:15; Rory Auykeneall D, 15:15; Rudy Vasquez
SM, 15:40; Nick Koneffklatt SJ, 15:55 Eric Roberts AL, 15:56; Tim Quiroga
H, 15:58; Mike Sullivan P, 16:06; Travis Mason SJ, 16:11; John Harper DU,
16:17; Brandon Carballo MC, 16:20
El Molino: 29--Jonathan Teeter 16:57; 34--Kevin Correa 17:15; 35--Daniel
Dry 17:15; 39--John Paul Holwell 17:20; 47--Will Atkinson 17:25; 84--Dan
Baci 18:06; 112--Matt Kissmann 18:46
Healdsburg: 40--Nick Thompson 17:40; 43--Ben Seisdedos.

Piedmont 57, Bishop O'Dowd 69, St. Mary's 110, Alhambra 144, San Marin
156 9--Healdsburg 146, 10--Ursuline 233
El Molino 62--Anne Southworth 22:02
Healdsburg: 8--Kelly Rogers 19:04; 34--Kristin Komorowski 20:42.

Division V NCS Championships

University 28, Wilmerding 91, College Prep 92, Branson 97, Head Royce
124, Middletown inc.
Top Ten--Sean Drake U, 15:25; Dylan Wyant SF, 15:40; Nick Neely CS,
16:06; Jamie Timbrell U, 16:15; Daniel Fisher CP, 16:15; Todd Rabkin-Golden
LW, 16:32; Alexander Varner B, 16:37; Jonah Platt-Ross U, 16:49; Casey
Colby M, 16:51; Aron Walker U, 16:53
Middletown: 63--Garrett Young 19:40; 66--Ric Calderon 19:49; 71--Evan
Willig 20:25
RVC: 24--Sean Sanders 17:55; 54--Eric Kelly 19:15; 58--Ricky Lawson
19:25; 62--Evan Glesner 19:38; 78--Darren Davis 22:19

University 49, College Prep 91, Berean Christian 108, Wilmerding 117,
Urban 138, 10--Middletown 233
Top 10--Clara Horowitz HR, 17:45; Yfa Kretcechmar U, 19:01; Stephanie
Agapoff M, 19:40; C.C. Regan U, 19:40; Ariane Burwell UR, 19:48; Christina
Rosctti CO, 19:49; Claire Lande CP, 19:51; Jocelyn Woosley B, 19:52; Diane
Best W, 20:04; Breen Brynes CP 20:14
Middletown: 51--Sarah Barrios 23:16; 55--Ashley Metron-Sotto 23:34;
57--Amanda Mirabella 23:35; 82--Lenae Colby 26:49

SCL Championships


Boys: Petaluma 52, El Molino 58, Healdsburg 71, Analy 79, Casa Grande
90, Sonoma (inc.), Windsor (inc.).

Winner--Ruben Mora-Roman A 16:01; Tim Quiroga H 16:29, Steven Cozza P
16:33, Kevin Correa EM 16:52, Nick Thompson H 16:57; Ian Messier CG 16:59;
Mike Becker CG 17:02; Kyle Miller P 17:03; Ben Seifdedos H 17:04, Doug Zita
P 17:05.

Girls: Petaluma 35, Healdsburg 47, Sonoma 64, Analy 72, Casa Grande 131,
El Molino (inc.), Windsor (inc.)

Winner--Kelly Rogers H 19:05; Bailey Kennedy W 19:38, Kristen Komorowski
H 20:03; Jacqui Vance P 20:06; Renee Chaffin S 20:08; Mollie Zapada P
20:20; Chiara Sotille S 20:25; Danielle Almeida P 20:26; Elissa Briggs A
20:34; Stephanie Laslo P 20:35.

CMC Championships

Boys (2.9 miles): Ft. Bragg 58, Willits 69, Kelseyville 72, SRC 97, RVC

Top 5--Ornelas FB, 17:59; Colby M, 18:11; Clark W, 18:41; Wise W, 18:57;
Hill M, 19:01.

Girls (2.9 miles):St. Vincent 52, Kelseyville 93, Lower Lake 108,
Middletown 115, SRC 119

Top 5--Agapoff M, 20:56; Nowinsky LL, 21:55; Vegher SV, 22:08; Oppen T,
22:18; Waldman W, 22:27.

NBL Championships


Boys: Santa Rosa 52; Ukiah 61, Montgomery 64, Newman 95, Carrillo 114,
Rancho Cotate 135, Piner 191, Elsie Allen inc.

Top 10--Kinley Maria Carrillo 15:40; Mcfarlin Santa Rosa 15:58;
Vandeventer Santa Rosa 16:00; Vau Ukiah 16:04; Chadd Ukiah 16:05; Blanchard
Rancho Cotate 16:11; Fitch Montgomery 16:14; Gallagher Montgomery 16:14;
Cody Montgomery 16:16; Withers Cardinal Newman 16:21.
JV--Santa Rosa 32, Ukiah 65, Newman 77, Montgomery 91, Carrillo 101,
Rancho 175. Winner--Panaigua, Ukiah, 17:25.

Girls: Carrillo 39, Montgomery 42, Ukiah 63, Santa Rosa 119, Rancho
Cotate 142, Ursuline 153, Piner 196.

Top 10--Trotter Ukiah 16:31; Aldridge Maria Carrillo 17:06; Conley
Montgomery 18:00; Leland Ukiah 18:04; Blanchard Rancho Cotate 18:06;
Robinson Maria Carrillo 18:24; Drady Maria Carrillo 18:44; Conley
Montgomery 18:47; Handel Montgomery 18:48; Sweaney Montgomery 18:54.
JV--Montgomery 18, Ursuline 55, Carrillo 61, Santa Rosa 82.
Winner--Gnoss, Montgomery, 20:04.

Viking Opener


Open boys (2 miles)
Team Standings: Tamalpais 13, Castro Valley 21, Santa Rosa 23, Analy 36,
St. Vincent 54, Montgomery 60
Top 5--Parker, C. Valley, 11:42; Barre, Ukiah, 11:43; Bibbs, Tam.,
11:51; Hinds, Casa G.,12:08; Gatinella, 12:17.

Senior Boys (2 miles)
Team Standings: Castro Valley 19, Ukiah 21, Eureka 22, Maria Carrillo
36, Santa Rosa 62, Montgomery 64
Top 5--Kinley, Maria Carrillo, 10:05; Lyle, Eureka, 10:07; Chadd, Ukiah,
10:15; Bettinger, C. Valley, 10:17; Vau, Ukiah, 10:25.

Open Girls (2 miles)
Team Standings: Montgomery 7, Redwood 30, St. Vincent 37, Santa Rosa 37,
Ursuline 40
Top 5--Gnoss, Montgomery, 13:58; McManus, Montgomery, 14:09; Vegher, St.
Vincent, 14:10; Proctor, Montgomery, 14:27; DeLaRiva, C. Valley, 14:34.

Junior/Senior Girls (2 miles)
Team Standings: Maria Carrillo 6, Montgomery 24, Redwood 48, Analy 49,
Santa Rosa 53, Eureka 56
Top 5--Aldridge, M. Carrillo, 12:08; Rogers, Heald., 12:21; Drady, M.
Carrillo, 12:38; Farac, T. Linda, 13:00; Baker, M. Carrillo, 13:02.

Junior Boys (2 miles)
Team Standings: Redwood 23, Santa Rosa 31, Analy 37, Castro Valley 40,
Terra Linda 44, Ukiah 62
Top 5--Mora, Analy, 10:33; Gallagher, Montgomery, 10:49; Camacho,
Watsonville, 10:50; Nopola, Santa Rosa, 10:52; Cossa, Petaluma, 10:56.

Frosh/Soph. Girls (2 miles)
Team Standings: Montgomery 14, Maria Carrillo 19, Ukiah 31, Petaluma 55,
Castro Valley 65, Santa Rosa 76
Top 5--Leland, Ukiah, 11:50; Conley, Montgomery, 11:56; Sweaney,
Montgomery, 12:10; Blanchard, Rancho Cotate, 12:11; Robinson, M. Carrillo,

Frosh/Soph Boys (2 miles)
Team Standings: Santa Rosa 29, Redwood 40, Antioch 42, Castro Valley 44,
Cardinal Newman 47
Top 5--McFarlin, Santa Rosa, 10:25; Schmitt, Redwood, 10:35; Cody,
Montgomery, 10:36; Yano, C. Valley, 10:56; Teeter, El Molino, 11:07.

Rancho Cotate Invitational

Girls Results
(2.75 miles)

1. Rogers, Heald., 16:33; 2. Blanchard, Rancho C., 16:44 (school
record), 3. Joffe, Marin C., 17:54; 4. Kennedy, Windsor, 18:03; 5. Fish,
Marin C., 18:19; 6. Komorowski, Heald., 18:20; 7. Goedmaagen, Justin,
18:22; 8. Charles, Rancho C., 18:30; 9. Gundling, Justin, 18:35; 10.
Briggs, Analy, 18:45.

Boys Results

1. Kinley, Maria Carrillo, 14:24; 2. ZanDedenter, Santa Rosa, 14:48; 3.
Blanchard, Rancho C. 14:59; 4. McFarlin, Santa Rosa, 15:07; 5. Napola,
Santa Rosa, 15:09; 6. Mora, Analy, 15:09; 7. Seisdedos, Heald., 15:21; 8.
Frickert, Maria Carrillo, 15:27; 9. Quiroga, Heald., 15:45; 10. Lindroos,
Rancho Cotate, 15:48.