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McLeod wins Steeple at JO (dyestat) 

NBL Finals Historical Boys Individual Stars
NBL Finals Historical Girls Individual Stars
Summer Track Series #2
Summer Track Series #1

Sara Hall finishes 9th in Olympic Trials 1,500-meters finals
Arnold finishes 4th in decathlon at Olympic Trials
U.S. Olympic Trials Complete Results (usatf.org)
Sara Hall reaches 1,500 finals at Olympic Trials
Arnold on verge of Olympic spot
Sara "Bei" Hall's Journal, very interesting (New York Road Runners)

2008 Boys All-Empire
2008 Girls All-Empire
2008 Empire Track Bests

6/20-22 Junior Olympic/Pacific Association USATF, 12-11 Schindler, 5-0 Krickl 1st (dystat)
Puppione Steps Down From Aggie Coaching Staff (ucdavisaggies.cstv.com)

State Leaders: Taylor #3/19, Rich #18 DT, Curtin #18 1600 (dyestat)
Top 2008 adult marks

Heart & Sole Sports lists of All-COMER SUMMER TRACK SERIES and much more

Golden West: Egelhoff =5th 6-4, Davis 12th 151-1, Thomas 15th 9:37.93, 4:26.70 (sml1.com)

Taylor's Experience pays off
State Meet Final Results, Taylor 4:49.63 2nd!!!
Video girls 1600, Babcock 4:33.82, Taylor 4:49.63 (dyestat)
Video girls 3200 (dyestat)

Taylor set for big show
State Meet Results Day 1, Taylor makes 1600 final 9th 4:57.14, Egelhoff 10th 6-5, Davis 14th 159-7, Lockert 18th 4:22.74, Durling 18th 152-8, Curtin 20th 5:09.82, Withers 21st 1:57.29, Sammons 21st 146-5

Local seeds and past bests
Krickl is reaching new heights

Empire throwers are the best
NCS Champions Austin Davis & Corrine Rich**:
Also State Bound: 2nd-Lauren Curtin, Jacque Taylor, Joe Durling,
3rd-Matt Egelhoff, Jacque Taylor,
4th-Sterling Lockert, Joe Withers, Mike Tracy, Patrick Sammons

State Bound after 1st day: Julia Krickl 5-5, Troy Baker 50-6,
Rich 132-3 ** will miss meet for graduation, other marks Howard 14.69 #2 AT

State All-Time: Stamps 1600/3200, Bei 3200, Aldridge & Guerrini Steeplechase (dyestat)

Empire contingent includes five top seeds
NCS MOC Empire Top 8 Seeds

Rich moves to 3rd best thrower, Taylor 4th distance?
Sterling Lockert moves to 11th best distance runner?

NCS Regional's
Tri-Valley & Bay Shore results (NCS)
NCS 1A COMPLETE Results: FB boys #1, Anisa Green 1st 34-4, Ceara Snyder 1st 36-0, Chris Dahl 11.41, Zach Nave 1st 1:59.78, Skyler Thomas 1st 4:22.59/9:47.49, Caleb Cunha 1st 16.57/42.35, CL 1st 44.50, Charles Schindler 1st 12-10 Prep best, Oleg Ryabokorovka 1st 20-6/42-1, Nick Valdovinos 126-10
NCS Redwood Results: Lauren Wallace 1st 25.93, Jacque Taylor 1st 4:53.78, Lauren Curtin 2nd 4:55.11, Sarah Sumpter 1st 11:21.13, Suzanne Howard 1st 14.93/47.79, MC 1st 50.61, Genevieve Perdue 5-3, Corinne Rich 1st 39-9/117-9, Dante Fountain 1st 11.10/22.33, Devin Lockert 1st 1:57.39, Sterling Lockert 1st 4:16.61/9:36.10, Eric Arneson 1st 15.25, Chris Mccloskey 1st 39.64, Heald. 1st 42.93/3:26.48, Matt Egelhoff 1st 6-6, Phanat Amphai 1st 21-3/42-6, Troy Baker 1st 50-4, Austin Davis 1st 151-3
Photo Gallery NCS Redwood
Taylor outduels Curtin in 1,600, edged by Sumpter in 3,200; Lockert twins win

Olympics just a few seconds away for Bei-Hall
Hall is watching his step as he prepares for the Olympics

CMC Finals Results
SCL Finals Results
NBL Finals Results

NBL Finals Historical Boys Individual Stars
NBL Finals Historical Girls Individual Stars
Taylor runs on cruise control
New Cougar Stadium earns sparkling review

SCL trials Results
CMC Heat Sheets
NBL Finals Entires
NBL Trials Results
CMC Finals Seeds
SCL trials Entires

Running on courage: Sarah Sumpter
VIDEO: Sarah Sumpter: Back on track

SR All-City: Rich comes away with double gold
SR All-City: McCloskey 15.56/39.59, Withers 1:56.6, Howard 14.90/12.99/47.20, L. Curtin 5:13.41/2:21.56, McLean 10-3, Rich 39-7 1/2-126-11

5/1 El Molino vs Windsor
Other 4/30 meets: Petaluma finish undefeated in both boys & girls in SCl, Santa Rosa boys in NBL
4/30: FB boys & SRC girls finish undefeated
4/30: Carrillo girls finish undefeated, lots of photos

2008 marks that are the best since?
Viking Classic Special Marks
Viking Classic Results: Heald. 43.56/3:28.38, Arneson 15.57/40.48/+ relays, Tange 50.91, Withers 1:58.20, Ryabokorovka 43-7, Taylor 4:54.25/2:17.05/11:05.57, Wallace 26.28, Page 12.92 FAT
Viking Classic Program

4/23 meets: McLeod 4:17.35, McCloskey 15.83/40.27, Ryabokorovka 42-11 TJ, Davis 159-10, Benjamin 12.4, Lundgren 47.4, Rich M 129-3
Logan Top 8: 1st Elite: Taylor 1600, Byers 3200 (dyestat)

All 23 from Empire Runners Club complete course
SR club's runners test their mettle in Boston today

West Valley/Chico Invitatonal: Ukiah & Willits
Woody Wilson: Rich 135-5/39-11, Lundgren 59.04, MC 4:03.81 4X4/13:02.39 DMR, Dwyer 17-3

4/16: Baker SR 50-4, S. Lockert P 9:28, Grant CG 40.1, Stein SR 42-9, Heald. 43.8/3:29.3, MC 51.4/4:11.5, Lundgren MC 59.8/26.2,

Arcadia Results: Taylor 10:47.02/5:01.01, MC girls 4:19.48 1600m SMR 5th All-Time

Vikings' Rich sets all-time discus record
Austin Davis: Boys' athlete of the week

4/9 Meets: Rich 136-4 RECORD, Fountain 10.7, Arneson 15.5, McCloskey 40.9, Davis 159-7, Hunt 12.6, Taylor 11:01.2
Photo of Petaluma's State leading DMR by Margaret Gallagher and Spencer Allen (flickr.com)
Oakland: Sonoma-C. Dwyer 17-8, A. Dwyer 35-3, Sammons 1st DT, Boys 1st 4X8 (dyestat)
Stanford: Petaluma DMR 1st State Leader, Taylor 2nd 3000m 9:59.76, Davis 2nd DT 157-3, Rich 4th SP 38-5

4/2 Lake County Meet; Santana, UL 32-2 SP
4/2 Meets: Grant 40.9 300H, Heald. 44.3 400R, Hunt 12.9, Taylor 5:07.9, Kool 47.3

Gold Rush results: Arneson 41.1 300H, Heald. 3:33.9 4x4, Baker 48-0 SP, L Curtin 5:21.1
Special Relays: McCloskey 59.8 400H, Egelhoff 6-4, Irizam 12-9, Taylor 4:51.3 1500, MC 4:16.4, Greenstein 9-6
Sonoma at Eagle Classic
SR & CN results at Castro Valley Invit. 3/15

3/19 Meets: Fountain 10.9, 22.2; S. Lockert 1:58.1; Arneson 15.7; Irizam 12-8; Davis 158-9, 45-2; Taylor 5:23.1, 11:32.0; Pet 52.1; Hea 4:23.4; Sanford 5-2

Girls' athlete of the week: Jenna Lundgren
Santa Rosa & Fort Bragg Inv. results; 300H McCloskey 42.01, Howard 46.39
Skyline Distance Fiesta: Pet. S. Lockert 9:34.74, DMR 10:32.89, Team 1st: MC Lundgren 2:20.88, Davis 5:30.94, 12:05.34 (Skyline)
Bay Area Sprint Festival: RC Shannon Jordan 50.10 300H (dyestat)
Bay Area Distance Festival: SRC Hall 2:36.23, 5:45.93, Nave 2:04.52, 4:40.48, 10:22.39 (dyestat)

3/12 Meets: Withers 1:59.2; S. Lockert 4:23.5; Davis 152-5; Lundgren 26.6; Kool 49.0; Sanford 5-0; Dwyer 16-5

Santa Rosa's Arnold wins his first national crown

Vallejo Relays: Sonoma C. Dwyer 15-10, A. Dwyer 32-7 (dyestat)
San Rafael Twilight Relays: Pet 10:36.21 DMR State best (twilightrelays.com)
East Bay Inv: Egelhoff, RC 6-4 HJ (dyestat)

3/5 Sonoma at Cardinal Newman; Davis CN 151-10, 45-11

San Rafael Twilight Relays -- Heat Sheets, Meet Preview for 3/8 meet
Suzanne Howard; Girls' athlete of the week
Big Cat: Top 6: Devin Lockert 2:01.4, 4:31.3; Sterling Lockert 9:49.2

Taylor 11th 2008 NACAC Cross Country Championships (usatf.org)
Jacque Taylor runs for US in NACAC Cross-Country Saturday (dyestat)

2/27 At Sonoma: Albini 11.6, 23.8, 21-3, C Dwyer 300H 50.7, LJ 15-10

Top Returning Track & Field Marks for 2008
Berkeley All-Comers Joe Withers 4:20.02 1500m (dyestat)