2010 Redwood Empire Boys All-Empire

2010 Redwood Empire Girls All-Empire
Reesey Byers and Jacque Taylor Reesey Byers and Jacque Taylor Jacque Taylor: 2010 Redwood Empire Athlete of the Year
Reesey Byers: 2010 Redwood Empire Athlete of the Year

2010 Redwood Empire Bests, thru 7/30

Petaluma rallies for paralyzed teen
Danny Cox paralyzed in swim accident

Mel Gray & Sara Bei Hall 1st members of Viking Hall of Fame
Ibrahim 6th Nationals 2:19.76
Lundquist makes National finals with a 15.03 wind legal
Hall 2nd All-Time
Wentz thats who
Who holds Empires womens Steeple Record?
Empire HS Steeplechase history & more

Dennis DeSoto wins National Masters
Who is Dennis DeSoto

Former Viking Kim Conley has joined the Davis coaching staffs as an assistant coach

Lundquist wins at AAU with 15.41 and 59.66
2009 Julia Stamps story that youth runners should read
Byers, Dowdy, Bingham & Stone finished high on lists
Coming Aug. 29 Santa Rosa Santa Rosa Full and Half Marathon and a 5K
Summer Track Series #1: June 15
Santa Rosa's Arnold wins decathlon crown
Watch Videos of the 1995 NCS/Redwood Empire meet
6/12: Golden West: Byers 2nd Mile
Jake Arnold (Maria Carrillo HS 2002) finished 4th at Gotzis

6/5 Results: Taylor 5th 4:56.41, Dowdy 6th 4:22.98, Byers 14th 9:11.24, Luna 25th 9:33.61
6/5 Story: Dowdy sixth; Taylor fifth
6/5 Videos of Running Finals

6/4 Story: Casa Grande's Taylor records day's fastest time as Petaluma's Dowdy lands in third
6/4 Results & Videos: Taylor 4:59.20 #1 qualifier; Dowdy 4:15.77 #3; Tuck 13th 5-4; Durand 19th 117-4
Friday Action Recap
Northern CA qualifiers to CIF state final today...

Ursuline pole vaulter peaking at right time
State Meet Seedings: Stone 2nd

Great Photos
NCS Meet of Champions

Video NCS/MOC Empire: M 100 Kozel Lane 1, W 100 Page Ln 2, W 100 HH Bingham Ln 3, M 1600 Dowdy purple top, W 1600 Taylor green top, M 200 Kozel Ln 3, W 200 Page Ln 1, M 300H Cunha Ln 1, Baker Ln 2, Hauser Ln 5, M 3200 Beyers orange top, Luna purple, M 4x100 CN Ln 1, W 4X400 SR orange tops
NCS/MOC YouTube: Includes some Friday races & boys PV

Photos NCS/MOC Empire Day 2 by Michael Lucid
NCS/MOC by Margaret Gallagher
NCS/MOC by Spencer Allen
NCS/MOC by Dave Waco
NCS/MOC Empire Day 1 by Michael Lucid

Stories 5/29 MOC
5/28 MOC: Four already qualify for state
Empire's best ready for Meet of Champions

Results 5/29 MOC: 2nd Byers 9:13.90, Dowdy 4:17.25; 3rd Luna 9:16.19, Tuck 5-3, Durand 118-2; 4th Taylor 4:57.82, Hauser 38.80, Kozel 22.25
5/28 MOC: Stone wins vault 12-3, K. O'Donnell 3rd HJ 6-5, Snyder 4th SP 38-3.5, Bowers 4th DT 157-6

MOC Sat. Program
NCS MOC lane assignments
NCS MOC rankings: As of 5/25

2010 State Top 15, thru 5/23; Byers & Taylor on list (dyestat)

NCS Regionals
NCS/Redwood Empire Results: Stone 12-1, T. Kozel 10.96/21.74, Dowdy 1:58.86, CN 43.81, Heald. 3:30.45, A. Odonnell 6-1, Baker 164-0, C. Curtin 59.85, Luu 2:21.87, Taylor 5:03.73, Bingham 14.87/46.62, MC 50.25, Tuck 5-2, Shepperd 17-3, Everidge 35-1, Weaver 36-6, Durand 120-6,
NCS/1A: Glazier 22-2, Whitaker 43-0, Snyder 35-5, Rathbone 98-1
NCS/Redwood Empire Photos by Dave Waco
NCS/Redwood Empire Photos by Michael Lucid
Clear Lake's Glazier heads small-school contingent
Bingham, Stone set records at NCS track meet
NCS/Bay Shore Meet
NCS/Tri-Valley Meet

The best meet that isn't
NCS Redwood Meet Assignments
Who won’t be competing at NCS Redwood meet
PD: ATHLETE OF THE WEEK, Laurel Shepperd

Redwood Empires Greatest High School Male Track and Cross Country Athletes
Athlete's of the Week (heartnsolesantarosa)

5/15 CMC Finals Results: Cunha triples, Del Bello, Lee, Gamble, Herold, Snyder, Compton double
CMC Performance List

5/15 NBL Finals Results: Byers triples, L. Curtin, Page & T. Baker double
NBL Trials Results: Page 12.35/25.43, Nunez 22.73/51.34

5/14 SCL Finals Results: Dowdy & Bingham triple, Steffen, Weaver, Kozel, Guerinoni & Lundquist double
SCL Final Photos by Michael Lucid
SCL Finals Running Program
SCL Finals Field Program
SCL Trials Results
SCL JV Results
Petaluma attempts to defend track titles
This could be Claire Bingham's year

"The O’Donnell"
National discussion on "The O’Donnell" (trackandfieldnews)
National discussion on "The O’Donnell" (letsrun.com)
“The O’Donnell” lives
A story behind the O’Donnell story
Kellan flips 'the flop'
Have you seen The O’Donnell

Watch Elite Miles
Thoughts on the Elite Mile
4-minute mile too distant
Something magical about 4-minute mile
Ever seen a sub-four-minute mile?

5/12 Cloverdale meet

Stone named female scholar-athlete of year

All-City Results with updates
Stone, Byers, Curtin steal show at All-City meet
All-City Entries


5/5 Healdsburg & Analy at Windsor: Photos by Michael Lucid
5/5 Meet Results: Page 24.7, Tuck 5-5, Sheppard 17-4½

Girl athlete of the week: Danielle Steffen, Petaluma sophomore

4/30 Charlie Eaton Relays: 1st CG Boys 4X1600 18:21.59, 4X800 8:25.82; Girls 4X1600 21:50.35, Taylor 10:51.22

4/28 Healdsburg vs Casa: Photos by Michael Lucid
4/28 Meet Results; Bingham 14.75, Hauser 15.46, Taylor 10:49.96, Everidge 34’ 1½ TJ

PD Boy athlete of the week: Tyler Baker
2010 NCS Bests, 7 of 9 best girls 800's at Viking, thru 4/26 (dyestat)

Bingham's have a family bragging rites challenge also

Byers sets meet record in mile
4/24 Viking Classic: Photos by Michael Lucid
4/24 Viking Classic; Byers 4:11.83/1:56.42; Dowdy 4:16.32/1:56.67
4/23 Colfax Inv.: Spector and Hargitt take firsts

4/21 Meets top marks
Photos of El Molino at Healdsburg
4/21 Meet Results

4/16 Redwood Relays: Ceara Snyder, Willits 38'11", 113'2"
Michelle Stone: Setting her sights high on track team, in class
4/17 Meets: Piner at San Mateo Bearcats Invite
4/16 Woody Wilson: Bingham 15.24/46.70, Stone 11-6, Sheppard 16-9½, Lane 11:34.24, Baker 39.75, Page 26.14, McInnis 5-2, MC 4:06.68, RC 3:31.09
4/14 Meets: Thomas Kozel 21.6, Patrick Herrmann 13-7½, Healds 43.8, CN 3:31.49, Claire Bingham 47.1, Sadia Ibrahim 59.81, Julia Krickl 5-4, Everidge 32-9¼ TJ

Byers’ thoughts on the record run, plus see the race
More on Byers’ record run
Empire Barrier Breakers
4/10 Arcadia: Beyers BREAKS 9:00
Arcadia Heat Sheets (dyestat)

Money draws elite milers to Sonoma County
4/3 Oakland: Bingham 15.05, Beyers 4:17.10
2010 State Bests, thru 4/3, New at Oakland; Taylor 5th 1600, CG Girls DMR 3rd, CG Boys & Girls 4X8 both 7th, Beyers 10th 1600 (dyestat)
The throwing Durands
The key to running fast on race day: Muscle Tension (stevemagness)

2010 NORCAL Mens Bests, thru 3/31 (theconningtower)
First sub 4 minute mile coming May 7th? (heartnsole)

California T&F Journals: Jacque Taylor (ca.milesplit.us)
3/27 Chip Castleberry Invitational
Sonoma at Eagle Classic (dyestat)
3/27 Stanford: Taylor wins the Mile
3/26 Stanford: Byers breaks 3000m Record, CG girls win DMR


3/24 Meets: Ceara Snyder 36-9/ 110-0, Herrmann 13-1, Baker 49-8½, McInnis 5-4, Everidge 32-7, MC 51.40/4:08.24,

PD Girl athlete of the week: Alyssa Page
Durand family spinning out of control? Not a chance!

3/20 Windsor Relays: Kellan O'Donnell 6-6; Joseph Derutte 12-1; Claire Bingham 16.77/13.17; Michelle Stone 11-6; Brenna Thomas 9-2
3/20 Martinez: Santa Rosa wins 3 varsity relays
3/20 Gold Rush: Tyler Baker, MC 39.6, Kyra Johnson, P 47.7 300H, MC 51.3/4:11.5 Relay
3/17 Cardinal Newman/Ursuline, Sonoma Academy at Windsor; Joseph Derutte, CN, 12’0” PV, Prep best

3/13 San Rafael Twilight Relays: Casa 1st DMR 10:45.18/12:29.65, CN boys 1:38.83 SMR, Piner girls 1:59.22 SMR
3/13 Dan Gabor Invitational: Tyler Baker 1st 40.35, 3rd 50.67; Jeremy Thompson 2nd 40.55; Noah Orgish 2nd 6-0

3/10 South County Invite at Rancho Cotate
3/6 Big Cat: Byers & Stone shine brightest

3/7 Arnold national heptathlon champion
High School track enthusiast Doug Speck dies (theconningtower.blogspot)
3/6 Stanford: Sumpter, Erdman & McDowell all take 2nd in college division
3/4 Jean Lightfoot huge mark in hammer throw

2/27 Casa at Super 7: Girls 1st 4x8 10:10.14 & DMR 12:43.91, Boys 1st 4x8 8:24.43

More NCS distance data courtesy of Peter Brewer... (albertcaruana.blogspot)

Memorial service set for Kathy "Dalton" Van Riper
Redwood Empire losses one of its greats: Kathy "Dalton" Van Riper

Humans Could Run 40 MPH ... in Theory (foxnews)
January All-Comer meet results

Five Empire indoor Records set in Fresno
Byers & Stone seeded 2nd for State Indoor Meet
Three vaulters jump indoors at Reno
More than a half dozen Empire athletes qualify for State Indoor meet
Byers & Baker shooting for indoor qualifers
Indoor PV Record?
Inaugural Indoor State Meet for 2/6/10! (dyestat.com)

Who to look for in 2010
State Previews (dyestat)
NCS Preview of who is back (theconningtower)
NCS Meet of Champions predictions for 800, 1600 and 3200... (albertcaruana.blogspot)
Redwood Empire Preview of who is back
Track will once again run into trouble in the end