What is the Redwood Empire?

   What we are calling the Redwood Empire includes only the three 

High School leagues that compete in this area. They include the North Bay
League (Mostly 3A schools), Sonoma County League (2A) and the
Coastal Mountain Conference (1A).
These schools are located in the three counties, (Sonoma, Lake & Mendocino),
north of San Francisco.
The 2000 census placed the total population of these three counties at
603,188. In comparison San Francisco is 776,733 and the city of
Los Angeles is 3,694,820.
The largest school, from the 2008 State CBED figures, is Santa Rosa at
2,030 students. The average school size of the NBL schools was 1,534. SCL schools averaged 1,362. CMC ranges from Lower Lake at 774 to SR Christian at 92.

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